Rumor On Goldberg WWE return, Brock Lesnar’ WrestleMania 33 match, Vince McMahon upset & More

Important reminder: Rumors are just that — rumors. None of this has been confirmed as legitimate news or fact, it’s just circulating around the pro wrestling rumor mill. Remember, take it all with a grain of salt.
1. The Observer is reporting the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar match is indeed on for Survivor Series and the biggest reason is because they wanted it close to the release of the WWE 2K17 video game.
2. It’s also noted that it isn’t happening at WrestleMania 33 because Lesnar’s opponent is already decided for that show and they didn’t want to change it (Expected Shane McMahon).

3. Vince McMahon was apparently “very upset” with the ratings for Raw when it hit a record low up against the first Presidential debate, according to the Observer. That could be why there are changes coming.
4. Despite the situation with his stabbing story, AAA is expected to continue booking Alberto El Patron going forward.
5. Ricochet is apparently going to get a big push in New Japan going forward.

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