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WWE RAW Results 2/12 : John Cena Vs .The Miz

Pic Credit: WWE
WWE RAW Kicked off with John Cena in the ring at SAP CENTER, SAN JOSE, CA, Cena talked about the WrestleMania 34, says it is the most important moment in the life of a WWE Superstar. While ending his promo The Miz interrupts along with MizTourage.

The Miz says that he's going to the main event of WrestleMania, Cena & Miz goes talking against the each other, Cena suggests a match between himself & The Miz tonight with the loser entering the Elimination Chamber first. Fans chant "yes!" now. Miz asks if Cena thinks he's stupid. Dallas and Axel attack Cena out of nowhere and beat him down, dropping him with the double team as Miz looks on. Miz says he's smarter than Cena and accepts the challenge. Miz calls for a referee but out comes RAW General Manager Kurt Angle instead.

Angle says this is not the way we're going to start RAW. He likes Cena's challenge and the stipulation. Angle calls for a referee and says the match is on. Angle ejects Axel and Dallas from ringside and says the match begins right now.

- John Cena defeated The Miz
Now The Miz will enter the Elimination Chamber first.

- The Revival defeated Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson

We return from the break the ring with Kurt Angle, he announced that Ronda Rousey will be officially a RAW Superstar, she will sign the contract in Elimination Chamber PPV. Angle also added that his son will miss WrestleMania 34 because of the neck surgery he had.

Seth Rollins comes in. He says he's sorry for what happened with Jason Jorden. He adds that he also missed the WrestleMania de to an injury & This year he doesn't have a match at Elimination Chamber. Angle suggests to search a tag team partner for him, Bu The Man disagrees with him, He claims that He doesn't wants to be the part of RAW, He wants to be RAW, he wants to be the man one more time, He wants to turn this place back into Monday Night Rollins, he wants Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universal Title, and he wants it at WrestleMania & The only way to do this is to win Elimination Chamber match, Rollins suggests A Fatal 5 Way Match tonight & Kurt Angle Makes it official.

- Bayley defeated Sasha Banks

- Absolution defeated Alexa Bliss & Mickie James

- Braun Strowman attacked Elias
Having won the final entrance in the Men’s Elimination Chamber Match, Elias is heading on down The Road to WrestleMania with the most enviable starting block of the bunch. But Braun Strowman isn’t about to let him drift on by so easily. The Monster Among Men interrupted Elias’ debut of “The Elimination Chamber Blues” by showing off his own chops with an orchestra bass as his instrument of choice. And even though he broke the strings on the bass with his bare hands, The Gift of Destruction knew how to play a tune all the same. He administered these hands to "WWE's modern-day Bob Dylan" in the form of a Running Powerslam before chasing him up the ramp and smashing the bass across his back.

- Roman Reigns defeated Sheamus

- Fatal 5 Way Match for the last spot in Elimination Chamber
Bray Wyatt Vs Matt Hardy Vs Apollo Crews Vs Fin Balor Vs Seth Rollins

Tonight's main event was the Fatal 5 Way Match to decide the last participant to qualify for the Elimination Chamber. This Fatal 5 Way Match ended in a confusion as Seth Rollins & Finn Balor pinned the same man Bray Wyatt.

Kurt Angle on the facebook page of WWE announced that both the Seth Rollins & Finn Balor deserve the Chance to be in Elimination Chamber & they both are gonna compete as the Elimination Chamber will have 7 participants in it.

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