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More News On WWE Making Split Brand PPV

It's been nearly confirmed by the TicketMaster that The Backlash PPV will be the split brand PPV which will include both RAW & Smackdown Superstars. The speculated reason behind this will be that it's being the long for WWE fans to watch their superstars as one roster get a PPV in an average period of 2 months & also it's difficult for the company to develop the storylines for this much of time this leads to slower bookings for the PPV's.

This idea of bringing split brand PPV is good but the negatives as noted by The Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio "I’m scared to death of that by the way. Because of having to fit so many guys on the roster. Because now you’re talking about you can’t get all your championships. Before on the brand-specific pay-per-views, you would get all your championships out and maybe one or two matches that would fit in the whole thing. Now you’ve got two world titles and they’re on the same pay-per-view and that’s kinda silly every month. You’ve got the US and Intercontinental so that’s four, you’ve got the two women’s so that’s six, and you’ve got the two tag teams that make 8, and you’ve got the Cruiserweight that makes nine. So essentially unless you’re in a championship match you’re probably not gonna get on a pay-per-view unless it’s some gimmick match."

This means another singles matches are hard to fit in the show unless it's the great rivalry.

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