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The big match Brock Lesnar could be featured in at SummerSlam this year

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- Twitter account @PWStream noted the following about the rumored Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley match in WWE:

The tweet read: “Lesnar vs Lashley has been discussed, however, in the discussions I’ve been told about it wouldn’t be for the title, and it wouldn’t be anytime soon. Most likely to be at a big show like SummerSlam that needs high profile names. #Raw.”

A Lesnar vs. Lashley match has been rumoured to take place for some months now, ever since news first emerged that WWE had been in contact with Lashley regarding a return to the company.

It was thought that Lashley could end up being the one that sends Lesnar packing, as he’s also a legitimate fighter like Lesnar and is a more realistic option compared to others on the roster.

However, if this rumour is to be believed then it suggests that Lesnar could drop the Universal title before then, and it won’t come as a huge surprise if Reigns is the one to finally dethrone him.

WWE has made SummerSlam into a mini WrestleMania now. So, somebody like Lesnar should be featured in a prominent match on the card, even if he doesn’t have the championship over his shoulder.

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