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WWE WrestleMania 34: Roman Reigns Vs Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns Busted Open

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- 5 New Champions Crowned
- Asuka's Streak Ended
- Braun selected a Child as a Tag Team Partner 

- Ronda Rousey's Debut & Much More

Main Event goes live from the New Orleans & as predicted by many of the Wrestling pundits Reigns did not put the win over Beast, Brock defeated Roman Reigns & is still the WWE Universal Champion.

Though Reigns lost he was subjected to no less than five F-5’s (including one through the German announce table), six German suplexes and five belly-to-belly suplexes (one on top of another table), and he managed to kick out every single time The Beast Incarnate went to make the cover. The Big Dog gave as good as he got, too, hitting Lesnar with a handful of Spears and Superman Punches, not to mention some heavy punches to the head that had Lesnar swelling up just seconds into the contest.

Lesnar retained the title after about a million F-5s.  This was weird to say the least.  The crowd wanted to hate the match.  The crowd seemed to react more to beach balls in the crowd and were chanting "this is awful" and CM Punk and tons of other things.  And the match was physical as hell,  It was the usual Paul Heyman big match style Lesnar booking where they just do their big moves.  Lesnar did tons of suplexes and tons of F-5s and Reigns kept kicking out.  People didn't even pop for his kick outs.  Earlier Reigns did Superman punch after Superman punch and two spears and Lesnar kicked out.   He did another spear into a knee by Lesnar.,  Lesnar also elbowed the hell out of Reigns and Reigns was bleeding like crazy.  Reigns took some bad falls from suplexes including nearly on his head on the floor from an overhead suplex.  Lesnar did five F-5s, four for near falls and one onto a table.  Reigns came back with another set of two spears and Lesnar kicked out again and Lesnar hit his final F-5 and got the pin.,  The whole thing was done for sympathy for Reigns when it was over to make him a babyface as they concentrated on showing him all beaten up and bloodied and limping to the back with the idea he was hurt, and he took a ton of punishment.  Really interesting where this is headed tomorrow.

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