What Happened With Seth Rollins After Extreme Rules Went Off Air

Seth Rollins


WWE Extreme Rules PPV ended with Iron Man Match for Intercontinental Championship. Dolph Ziggler defeated Seth Rollins & won the match in extra time. In the first 30 minute match, both of them had 4 pinfalls on each other. Drew McIntyre was the helping hand for Ziggler having 4 pinfalls over Seth Rollins.

After the match, Seth Rollins received a standing ovation and a “thank you Rollins” chant from fans after  Extreme Rules pay-per-view went off the air.

You Can Read the full Iron Man Match Highlights Below & Read full Extreme Rules Results Here

In first 10 minutes, Dolph was aggressive & he got two pinfalls in 10 minutes over Dolph Ziggler. Drew McIntyre came with an assault to Seth Rollins. Due to this attack referee added one more pinfall in the counter of Seth Rollins. It was 3 for Rollins & 0 for Ziggler with 11 minutes on the clock.

The referee sent back McIntyre from ringside, but McIntyre left with his job done of lowering Seth Rollins. Ziggler took this opportunity & Ziggler got 3 falls in less than 2 minutes over Rollins.

Dolph Ziggler got his 4th fall by using the ropes that the referee didn’t see. Rollins 3-4 Ziggler.

In the next 8 minutes, there was no pin. On the 27th minute, Seth Rollins gets his 4th fall on Dolph Ziggler with a slingshot. On 28th minutes Seth locked Doph in Sharp Shooter

8 minutes no pin. less than 5 no pin. superplex from top dolph kicked out. Slingshot in 17th minute Rollins got 4th fall on Ziggler & it with Ziggler & Rollins having 4 pinfalls with each other. on 28th minutes Seth locked Doph in Sharp Shooter. Rollins goes for a Crossface after a minute or so. Rollins watches the clock get closer to 1:00 as Ziggler hangs on. Ziggler crawls for the bottom rope but he’s nowhere near it. Ziggler avoids a Stomp and rolls out of the ring. Rollins brings it back in the ring at the 1:00 mark. Ziggler immediately hits a Fame-Asser but Rollins kicks out at 2.

Ziggler waits for Rollins to get up with less than 30 seconds left. Rollins nails a superkick as Ziggler goes for a superkick. Rollins shuts Ziggler down again but doesn’t crawl to make the pin until the: 02 mark. The timer runs out and the match ends.

Match ends in a draw. Seth Rollins 4-4 Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler was going back with his title as the match ended in the draw. Kurt Angle comes out, He announced that these match couldn’t end like these & he restarted the match. Till Ziggler get in ring Drew McIntyre distracted Seth Rollins. Dolph Ziggler too the advantage & pinned Seth Rollins with a Zig Zag.

Dolph Ziggler retained the IC Title

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