When Seth Rollins Came To Know That He Is Cashing In At WrestleMania 31

Seth Rollins cashing in at WrestleMania 31 is remembered as one of the most iconic moments in pro wrestling history. He came out during the main event, interrupting the match between WWE Champion Brock Lesnar & Challenger Roman Reigns. He pinned Reigns to win WWE Championship from Brock Lesnar.

Seth Rollins recently talked to the news.co.au for the promotional purpose if WWE Super Show-Down in Australia. He shared about his MITB Briefcase cashing in moment at WrestleMania 31.

“I didn’t know for sure until the middle of the show (it was happening),” Rollins told news.com.au this month.

“I had a match with Randy Orton early in the day and then I was sequestered backstage and informed that would be the plan at the end of the night. It honestly was a very last-minute thing.”

Seth Rollins cashing in


“We were getting close to having to get off the air, so maybe it wouldn’t have happened,” Rollins said.

“I was glad I didn’t tell anyone and have that bad luck or that I had jinxed himself.”

“It’s a huge moment,” Rollins says.“I had a conversation recently where the guy said, ‘you do know your cash in is like my generations (Hulk) Hogan vs Andre (The Giant) moment’.

“That seems pretty surreal to me. I think back at my classic moments, you have that one, The Rock-Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior-Hulk Hogan, The Rock-Stone Cold Steve Austin.

“To think that you’re in the same company as those, to be in that conversation, it’s pretty wild.”

Seth Rollins is currently the WWE Intercontinental Champion. He is booked for WWE Super Show-Down In Australia. He will team up with Seth Rollins to take on Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre.


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