Nikki Bella On Ronda Rousey’s “John Cena’s Bedroom” Jab

Nikki Bella recently spoke with The New York Post.

Here are highlights:

When asked about Rousey’s line about Nikki and John Cena’s bedroom during their recent RAW segment. She said “I’ve grown thick-skinned to it. I just can’t wait for the day it can stop and not every promo towards me brings up my ex and I think it will [stop]. I think there will come a day for that, but maybe there won’t, but I do hope so.”

Nikki Bella Ronda Rousey


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When asked about Blending of the past & present to promote Evolution and hoping that WWE will eventually move beyond the idea of “saying, women, slept their way to the top or [got there] because of a man that made a woman”. She said “I think we are taking some old ways and bringing it into [Evolution]. I definitely hope it changes, and I think it will because I think the women are better than that. I think we can tell empowering stories that have nothing to do with men or how men define us because that’s the point of Evolution. We define ourselves as women. We want the equality. We don’t want to be defined by our men or our relationships because almost every woman is in a relationship with another wrestler in our industry. It’s crazy. I’ve never seen it like this, but it’s beautiful. We are such a big family. I think it’s just going to depend on the storyline, the situation, are they the one driving the show.”

When asked about Rousey striking a nerve with the Cena line and the comment on “DNB” or Do Nothing Bellas. She said “I guess where it doesn’t make me angry or feel bad about myself is I know the hard work that I’ve done to get where I’m at. I know the stuff that … John didn’t do what everyone said. He was my biggest supporter. He gave me amazing advice. I’d pick his brain all the time, and that’s what he did for my career, [like] everyone who has that special person in their life.”

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