WWE Crown Jewel 2018: The DX Vs. Kane and The Undertaker Live Result

WWE Crown Jewel


The crowd was hot for Shawn Michaels being tagged in, but he quickly got decimated by Undertaker and Kane, who stood tall as DX regrouped outside the ring.

Michaels dodged a running knee from Taker, allowing DX to take over.

Triple H made work of Kane for a bit but appeared to injure his shoulder, leading to a quick tag back to Michaels, who got knocked down and did a kip-up to the crowd’s delight as the fans chanted “you still got it.” Michaels followed with an elbow drop , but as the fans chanted for Sweet Chin Music, Kane caught Michaels and hit a chokeslam.

DX gets up and turns around to The Brothers of destruction scooping them for a double Tombstone. Shawn rakes at Kane’s eyes, causing Kane to drop Triple H.

Shawn nails Taker and he gets dropped again. Shawn ends up hitting Sweet Chin Music to Kane, sending him into a Pedigree from Triple H. Triple H covers Kane for the pin to win.

The DX Def. Kane and The Undertaker

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