CM Punk Chants Break Out During WWE Smackdown Live 11/6

CM Punk’ WWE comeback has been on millions of wrestling fan’s wishlist since his exit from the company in 2014.

However, given his lawsuit with WWE doctor Chris Amann and his collection of quotes against wrestling the chances of his prodigal return look dim. But as wrestling fans, we’re slaves to the idiom “Never Say Never.”

The latest update is The crowd in Manchester broke out in a “CM Punk” chant during tonight’s segment of Smackdown.

During the taping, Paige came out and introduced Shane McMahon, sarcastically calling him “the best in the world” in reference to his WWE World Cup win.

The crowd immediately booed McMahon and then broke into a chant for the former WWE star CM Punk.

You can see the video of the segment from the taping below:

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