Dean Ambrose Breaks Silence & Sends A Message to Seth Rollins

It has happened, Dean Ambrose turned heel. All the stories rumors are true Dean is finally a hell character. This heel turn for Ambrose was penciled almost before his injury.

As seen on Monday’s episode of RAW, The Authors Of Pain defeated Seth Rollins in a handicap match to win the WWE Raw Tag Team Titles.

Dean Ambrose came out after the match to reveal why he attacked Seth Rollins, but he didn’t explain anything, instead hit the dirty deeds to Seth Rollins.

Dean Ambrose Reacts WWE Seth Rollins


The latest update is During the recent UK tour, Dean Ambrose finally commented on his issues with Seth Rollins, and not helping him retain the tag titles

Via The Mirror


“If you’d have just asked nicely, I might have just come out to help you. But no, you’re too stupid and you’re too selfish! You wanted to do it all by yourself, and how did that work out for you? Lucky for you, tonight isn’t gonna be like last night, because I don’t give two cents about your stupid championship. All I care about tonight is beating your ass!”


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