Paige Calls Out Fan For Taking Picture Of Her While Sleeping

Paige took to Twitter to express her frustration with a fan who took a picture of her while she was sleeping on a plane.

As you can see in the posts below, the Smackdown GM took a shot at the unnamed fan and said it is “creepy and inappropriate” for people to take pictures when they are unaware and/or do not have permission to do so.

Paige WWE Plane Sleep



“Little tip for people out there with no common sense. If you see someone asleep on a plane and even worse if they’re a stranger to you. Don’t take pics of them sleeping or not sleeping without their permission. It’s creepy and inappropriate,”


Paige tweeted out. This is a huge violation of privacy and could actually give someone cause to not relax enough in public to sleep if it kept up.



Paige later clarified that she never turns down requests for photos when asked, but that it is “inappropriate on many levels” do to so when she’s not conscious.


“I’ll never say no. But to do it while I’m asleep is inappropriate on so many levels. So yes. I can blame the person.”


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