MS Dhoni Was Responsible For VVS Laxman’s Retirement?

ms dhoni was responsible for VVS Laxmans retirement

Former Indian Captain MS Dhoni has struggled a lot with media stories. Certain stories claimed of him having upset with the seniors. MS Dhoni was the reason behind VVS Laxman’s retirement was one of that stories.

MS Dhoni Was Responsible For VVS Laxman’s Retirement?

This story has come to a climax, VVS Laxman in his recent autobiography ‘281 and Beyond’ mentioned what exactly happened. He mentioned the incident where his cheeky statement about MS Dhoni made a serious buzz around the media.

“After I informed the media of my decision to retire, the questions flowed. ‘Have you informed your teammates?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Have you spoken to Dhoni, what did he have to say?’ ‘Everyone knows how difficult it is to reach Dhoni,’ I joked. Little did I realize that this would trigger the first and only controversy of my cricketing career,” Laxman mentioned in his book.

“I had unwittingly provided fodder to the media, who started to speculate that I had retired in a huff because MS and I had differences, that there was a rift between us. It wasn’t funny at the time, but one of the headlines the following day read, ‘VVS, retired hurt’. I waited for the end of the Test and then went to the hotel to thank every teammate and member of the support staff individually.

When I met MS, he took one look at me and burst out laughing. ‘Laxman bhai, you are not used to all these controversies, but I am. Don’t take this to heart. We all know that sometimes, facts need not come in the way of a good story.’ I was once again struck by his maturity, his simplicity, and how easily he had put me at ease,” he added.

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