Roman Reigns was set for HUGE WrestleMania match before leukaemia revelation

We witnessed a heartbreaking announcement from Roman Reigns. That announcement was Reigns being diagnosed with Leukemia & will be relinquishing his title to fight against it.

This announcement came out of nowhere for whole WWE Universe & almost for the whole WWE roster & peoples working backstage.

Former WWE Universal Champion back home after relinquishing his title to fight against Leukemia. A disease with Roman Reigns was living for about 11 years & it’s back, He has taken the leave of absence, from WWE till he completely fights Leukemia.

It will be a long, Very long time until we will see Roman Reigns back in the WWE ring. Though he would not appear in WWE, his appearance is announced for ACE Comic Con Arizona on Friday, January 11, 2019. He will be the one of the WWE Superstars for ACE Comic-Con along Charlotte Flair, Alexa Bliss & Lilian Garcia.

Roman Reigns WWE WrestleMania Leukaemia


The latest update is According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dean Ambrose’ heel turn was originally going to be much later and done on Roman Reigns leading to a likely WrestleMania match.

The Big Dog’s condition changed everything and so the ex-WWE Champion ignited a rivalry with Rollins instead.

Ambrose finally explained his actions last Monday night on RAW and even took a swipe at Reigns as he claimed he and the Intercontinental Champion made him feel weak.

He said: “The truth is I used to think The Shield was stronger together.

“I used to think this symbol made me strong, I used to think that wearing this [vest] made me strong.

“But the truth is The Shield made me weak.

“You [Rollins] made me weak. Roman made me weak. The burden of being your brother, the burden of having to watch your back made me weak.

We will keep you updated if further information made available.

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  1. I think Dean is wrong and feel wwe was wrong in making that the reason

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