Ronda Rousey Wanted on SmackDown Live in 2019 After Move to Fox

Fox has a pre-existing relationship with Ronda Rousey because of her history in MMA.

Rousey, 31, joined WWE in a full-time capacity in January after becoming one of the most famous faces in MMA history. She’s instantly taken to the world of sports entertainment, impressing with her ring work and becoming the Raw women’s champion in August.

Fox will pay WWE $1 billion over five years for the rights to SmackDown Live, which will move to Friday nights. The program currently airs Tuesday on USA Network.

Fox is also reportedly pursuing UFC light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier to join WWE as a commentator.

Ronda Rousey and Bella Twins vs Riott Squad WWE Super Show-Down


FOX is pushing WWE to move Ronda Rousey to Smackdown when the show finds its new home on the broadcast network, according to a new report.

According to Wrestling Inc, FOX wants Rousey on the show as they believe Rousey’s mainstream popularity and credibility as an athlete will help them sell the show.

The news fits with previous reports which said that FOX wants Smackdown to feature more sports-oriented content and less comedy, in order to help their other sports programs cross-promote the shows.

Rousey would help that strategy as well. She is currently on Raw as that brand’s Women’s Champion.

We will keep you updated if further information made available.

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