Backstage News On The Exact Person Behind This Week’s RAW

Crown Jewel WWE Responds


This week’s RAW episode from Milwaukee led a lot of criticism from around the world. A pure writing of the show resulted in a drop in the ratings too.

Writing would have been responsible for the pure show but this they couldn’t be responsible. Dave Meltzer noted that this week’s RAW was entirely written by Vince McMahon. In general, Vince McMahon provides the idea & writing team creates the storylines but this Monday night it was different.

“And yes, Vince McMahon got restless and wrote much of the show himself,” Meltzer wrote during his Raw recap in the Observer.

Several newspapers from the Milwaukee also blamed the show. German newspaper Bild Zeitung, one of the most popular tabloids in the country, blasted this week’s RAW and called it the worst WWE TV show of all-time.

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