Backstage News On Rhyno Getting Fired From RAW

Rhyno got fired from raw


last night on RAW, we saw WWE Superstar Rhyno got fired unexpectedly. WWE superstar set the stipulation in a match between Heath Slater & Rhyno, loser to get fired. Rhyno got fired after losing the match. Heath Slater was pushed to the new job of a referee by General Manager Elect Baron Corbin.

PWInsider is reporting that Rhyno is scheduled to be on the South American live event tour that kicks off tomorrow in Santiago, Chile so it looks like the “firing” is just a storyline and not his actual exit from the company.

So this overall drama could be a part of the storyline. Rhyno will be off from WWE TV, while Heath Slater would be doing the job of a referee.

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