Rumors About Nikki Bella’s Next Boyfriend

Total Bellas Season 4 Premiere Date Nikki Bella


Who will be the next boyfriend of the Nikki Bella is gossip around the internet nowadays, especially after the announcement Total Bellas season 4, which is taglined as “single and ready to mingle”.

As per the sources of Hollywood Life, Nikki Bella would be dating a wrestler or somebody famous person. Thir source close to Nikki added that  “feels like she’s (Nikki) going to either end up with another wrestler or someone famous,” Source also added that “she finds herself in situations where she is around celebs or wrestlers all the time.”

In the recent trailer of Total Bellas, Nikki Bella is seen on a date with Peter Kraus from The Bachelorette. The trailer included a little flirting between them.

“She really can’t do the dating apps or do other normal relationship finding methods,” the insider tells, “so Nikki knows that the next person she dates will be from the environments she keeps herself in most of the time. She also feels that if it was a wrestler or a celeb they would get each other much easier with the schedules they have to keep.” The insider also notes that Nikki “would like her future to come fast. She misses being in love.”

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