The Rock In Hall Of Fame 2019 Inductees?

WWE recently announced that they will be using their previous schedule for WrestleMania 35 weekend. They have moved NXT TakeOver to the Friday night while WWE Hall Of Fame to the Saturday night.

While NJPW/ROH combined show at the Madison Square Garden was the initial reason discussed but now RAJAH.COM is speculating another reason for this shifting. The website has noted that the fans can fly in early in the New York City to attend NXT Takeover & that eventually help in getting some crowd in the next night at WWE Hall Of Fame.

The Rock In Hall Of Fame 2019?

Another reason discussed by is The Rock In Hall Of Fame 2019. They mentioned it is an early rumor. If The Rock is going to be inducted in the Hall Of Fame 2019, there should be some scheduling problems that may have resulted in the change of WrestleMania 35 weekend.

The Rock vs Roman Reigns was also in the rumors for WrestleMania 35 but that won’t be happening now. The Rock’s last appearance for WWE was in WrestleMania 32 in a match against Eric Rowan. The last rivalry he had was against John Cena which ended in WrestleMania 29 where The Rock lost WWE Championship to John Cena.



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