WWE RAW Superstar Fired After Losing A Match

Tonight on RAW General Manager Baron Corbin announced match with a strange stipulation. He announced that the person who loses this match will be fired from RAW.

Rhyno Got Fired From WWE!

He announced Heath Slater vs Rhyno in match up. Rhyno lost the match & eventually got fired from RAW. Heath Slater has offered a job of the referee by Baron Corbin.

WWE.COM issued the following

After losing a one-on-one match to longtime friend and tag team partner Heath Slater during this week’s broadcast, Rhyno was fired from Monday Night Raw, per a stipulation ordered by the red brand’s “General Manager-Elect,” Baron Corbin.

Informing both Superstars that cuts would be needed for the Raw roster, Corbin scheduled a match pitting the former SmackDown Tag Team Champions against one another. Slater, unable to risk losing everything that he’s built for his family in recent years, had no choice but to defeat his friend and force the veteran Man Beast to leave Raw.

Moments later, the “General Manager-Elect” informed Slater that he would remain on Team Red as a referee, not a Superstar.

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