WWE Smackdown Live Results 12/4: Daniel Bryan Attacked AJ Styles

smackdown live results 12 4


WWE Smackdown Live Results 12/4

Women’s TLC Match Contract Signing

Paige welcomed Asuka, Charlotte Flair, and Smackdown Live Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Smackdown Live Title was hanged upon the arena. Becky said she doesn’t care if anyone earned the opportunity or being offered an opportunity, She going to win the match at TLC.

Charlotte Flair took the mic and said She took balls which Becky dropped at WWE Survivor Series. She highlighted to what she did to Ronda Rousey with one kendo stick & what she would do now with this tables, ladders, and chairs. Charlotte & Becky started arguing. Asuka stopped them. Asuka said Charlotte flair beat her but Becky Lynch never defeated her. She is going to win this match.

Asuka & Charlotte started to argue now. Becky Lynch signed the contract & walked away. Asuka & Charlotte were still in the ring before Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville interrupted. Mandy Rose said what if Auka & Charlotte make their way to the match, though they have signed the contracts. Sonya Deville plugged in how close she was to win the Women’s Battle Royal. Paige set up the tag team match between them.

– Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville defeated Charlotte Flair & Asuka

– Jey Uso defeated Sheamus & Xavier Wood in a Triple Threat Match.

In backstage, Kayla Braxton interviewed Rusev & Lana. She showed the footage of last week where Shinsuke Nakamura attacked Rusev before the match. Rusev said that Nakamura fears him & his physique.

Daniel Bryan In Miz TV

The Miz was about to start The Miz TV but R Truth & Carmella interrupted for a dance break. The Miz then welcomed New Daniel Bryan for the very first time in his show. The Miz was trying to prove what he was saying since 8 years was true. Daniel Bryan said he did hit the AJ Styles balls only one day, but these peoples do more harm to the environment than what he did to Styles. Bryan ends up lashing out at the fans for how they destroy the environment and how they contribute to climate change every single day. Bryan says if you want to talk about sins, he kicked one man in the groin on one day but these people commit countless atrocities against the Earth and future generations every single day, month and year.

The Miz said he wants one answer. He sais Daniel Bryan is WWE Champion because he listened to the Miz, Yes or No? Daniel Bryan said Yes, followed by a No. After the Yes No, Yes No, Bryan sais the Old Daniel Bryan is dead.

Music interrupts & comes out AJ Styles. He runs towards the ring, Daniel pushes Miz towards Styles. Miz tries to hold legs of Styles, but he kicks out. Styles catches Bryan at ringside. Bryan gets in the ring, followed by Styles and unloads on The Miz.  Bryan comes from behind and attacks Styles for the double team. Miz comes from behind and drops AJ with a Skull Crushing Finale as Bryan watches from the ramp.

– Randy Orton defeated Jeff Hardy

During the match, Samoa Joe showed from the big screen. He was in the Bar having drinks with peoples, It caused the distraction to the match.

After the match, Joe again showed up from the Bar. Samoa Joe is playing mind games with Jeff Hardy. the choice is clear – choose to drink responsibly, Samo Joe said.

– AJ Styles defeated The Miz

Daniel Bryan attacked AJ Styles after the match.


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