Lita: “I Wanted To Change My Retirement Angle!”

During a recent interview with “Ring The Belle”, WWE Hall of Famer Amy “Lita” Dumas commented on her retirement angle.

Check out some highlights from the interview below:



When asked about her and Trish Stratus retiring just two months apart after their final WWE matches in 2006. She said “We’ve done it. It was [something we talked to each other about]. We achieved any goals and more.”

When asked about her and Trish Stratus’ retirements being so different. She said “I mean, I’ve always been the red-headed step-child and it was not gonna end any different way. I was literally the red-headed, step child. It’s ok,” Lita said with a chuckle. “I never was quiet about it. I was super uncool with it. I went up the chain. I went to the producers, I went to the writers, I went to Vince, I went back to the producers, back to the writers, back to Vince. It was a hard, ‘no’.”

When asked about Trish Stratus’ Take. She said “Different characters, different storylines going in to it. Ours [Stratus’] was focused on our feud and on our rivalry as a babyface and you [Lita] retiring as a heel character.”


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