WWE Smackdown Live Results 12/11: Asuka Attacked Becky & Charlotte

Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali


Smackdown Live started with a video package previewing tonight’s matches including a WrestleMania 34 rematch Charlotte Flair vs Asuka & for the first time ever Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali. Daniel Bryan came out in the wrestling gear.

Daniel Bryan says he is out here to say sorry not to the peoples but to the sheep. Sheep don’t do mindless consumption crowd, They aren’t destroying the earth. Crowd chants Daniel sucks. You are parasites, said Daniel Bryan You take everything but don’t return anything especially here in Las Vegas. He again highlighted that old Daniel Bryan is dead, Yes movement is dead. He claimed to come out as the Champion after his match with AJ Styles.

Mustafa Ali comes out. Daniel Bryan welcomes Mustafa Ali calling him an incredible performer. He said he sees himself in you (Ali). Mustafa talks about the way 205 Live roster looks up to Bryan, and how good old Daniel Bryan was. Bryan stops by and asks Ali which car he drives. Ali says that has to do nothing now and says he drives an SUV. Bryan calls him a small, little man and asks why he would drive in an SUV. Ali says he has a wife and two small children. Bryan interrupts with a slap to the face, sending Ali to the mat. Bryan calls him ignorant and keeps hitting him. Ali fights back and gets the upper hand.

– WWE Champion Daniel Bryan defeated Mustafa Ali

Daniel Bryan also attacked Mustafa Ali after the match.

Rap Battle between the Usos & The Bar ended in chaos. The Bar stood strong at the end though The Usos did better Rap.

Miz is out with world cup trophy. He is calling out Shane McMahon, He says don’t make me beg please come out. Crowd chants ‘Shane-o-Mac’. Shane asks why he is here out with world cup trophy. The Miz again requests Shane to team up with him. The Miz announces that they will be having a match next against the local competitors.

– Shane McMahon and The Miz defeated The Vegas Boys

Randy Orton is out in the ring with a chair to hype his match at TLC against Rey Mysterio. Orton plugs in the footages of him unmasking Rey Mysterio & attacking him weeks before. Orton says Rey is his victim. Orton hypes TLC and says Rey only needs to be concerned with the three most devastating letters in WWE – R… K… Rey suddenly attacks from behind with a chair and lays Orton out.

Kayla Braxton catches up with Smackdown Live Women’s Champion backstage. She asks Lynch is it advantageous for you as your challengers Asuka & Charlotte Flair will take out each other tonight. Becky says there is no advantage. She confirms she will be out there during the match.

– Rusev and Jeff Hardy (w/ Lana) defeated Samoa Joe and Shinsuke Nakamura

Miz is backstage with the trophy. Shane McMahon reaches by there. Snatches the world cup trophy from the Miz & is not happy with the Miz’ behavior.

– Asuka defeated Charlotte Flair by DQ



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