Latest Update On Rumored Roman Reigns vs The Rock Match At WrestleMania 35

Roman Reigns

The stories surfaced over the inter in recent week about Roman Reigns’ possible WrestleMania 35 match. It could have been Roman Reigns vs The Rock for Universal Championship Match. The Rock could have made his way through the winning the Royal Rumble 2019.

Latest update to this story is that it was not planned. On The Board at F4W, Dave Meltzer said “This didn’t sound believable, but I checked. Not true at all.” 

WrestleVotes from Twitter was the on who broke this story Roman Reigns vs The Rock Match At WrestleMania 35. This twitter has broken multiple rumors and much them came out true. WrestleVotes quoted through twitter “Seems like @davemeltzerWON is refuting my tweet about Rock & the Rumble. That’s fair. But in wrestling, plans change ALL the time. To say a trusted source didn’t give me this information is dumb. As everyone can tell, my sources are usually pretty good. So I believe them. Still.”

As we see WrestleVotes is still on this story, so this may be the plan at one point and may be nixed later.

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