AJ Styles Misses WWE live Event in Uniondale, NY

AJ Styles WWE Flu Vince McMahon

Former WWE champion AJ Styles recently missed a WWE live event held in Uniondale, NY.

During the live event, it was announced that Styles will miss today’s live event due to flu.

Styles was originally scheduled to face Daniel Bryan in a cage match at the Uniondale show, but John Cena ended up facing Bryan instead.

As John Cena made a surprise appearance in the house show. He wrestled in a steel cage match for WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan.

The finish saw Cena go for the AA, but Bryan escaped and kicked Cena in the groin.

He followed up by nailing Cena with the WWE Championship belt.

Bryan then ran to the door and escaped the cage to win the match. This match was reportedly very good.

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