Spoiler: WWE Officially Revealed New Role For Alexa Bliss

WWE RAW alexa bliss retirement alexa biss recovery

This Friday night at Detroit, WWE taped the episode for Monday Night RAW of New Year Eve. You can read the full results here. As we have noted before WWE is trying to keep Alexa Bliss on the TV & keeping her relevant.

During the taping a new role has been announced for the Alexa Bliss as she currently unfit to do anything in the ring. Alexa will now be hosting a talk show for the women’s on RAW.

Alexa Bliss herself revealed the show which is named as ‘A Moment Of Bliss’, She also revealed that the 1st guest on her show will be the RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey as her 1st episode will be on 7th January, 2019 episode of RAW.

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