Backstage News About Royal Rumble Match Card

asuka vs becky lynch charlotte flair smackdown live

Royal Rumble 2019 is nearly a month away from today. It will be live from Chase Field arena, on Sunday, 27 January 2019.

Mandatory Rumble matches of men’s & women’s, Cruiserweight Championship, and universal Championship are the only set matches on the card of Royal Rumble, Other title matches are yet to be announced,

Dave Meltzer on WNO noted that rest of the matches for Royal Rumble PPV are yet to be decided. Those matches will be fixed in this week’s meetings. Dave Meltzer also added that Asuka vs Becky Lynch was the one ocriginally planned but then Vince McMahon decided to restructure the card.

“So they’re going to do meetings this week to come up with a Rumble card.” Dave Meltzer said “Originally the [Asuka vs Becky Lynch] match was happening, but then Vince decided that he wanted to revamp the card and they were, when they taped Main Event it was gonna air later in the week. At that time, the plan was to announce the match with Asuka and Becky Lynch on Tuesday’s SmackDown, but during that intrim period Vince decided to change his mind so they never announced that match on that SmackDown. Not saying that match won’t happen but it was definitely off when that show came on.”

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