Finn Balor Reported To Have A Big Push

WWE Superstar Finn Balor is one of the top babyfaces for the company. It has been reported to have a push for Finn Balor back in the month of December & so far till January we saw him in the winning side but not a significant push has been observed. Apparently, Dave Meltzer also quoted back in time that this month is for Finn and next month would be for Drew McIntyre.

Bryan Alvarez from the Wrestling Observer Live noted that Finn Balor is still penciled for a big push. Alvarez also added that the guy (Finn) he saw at NXT UK Takeover was so awesome but he couldn’t be the same on the main roster.

“He’s gonna get a big push because there are things in the works for Finn Balor,” Bryan Alvarez said,” but I don’t think he’ll ever be that Finn Balor again on the main roster. I could be wrong, but he was a totally different guy last night. It was awesome.”

As we covered earlier, Balor shared that he is not the one fond of titles and all that stuff but one who believes in influencing people in a positive manner. Whether he likes it or not Finn is the deserving champion and a push is what needed to him.

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