Claudio Castagnoli sat down for an interview with Joey Hayden of the Dallas News as the Blackpool Combat Club appears to fall apart at the seams, with William Regal reportedly leaving AEW for WWE, Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson on opposing sides of the “Gentleman Villain” divide, and Wheeler Yuta’s backup uncertain before his match with Daniel Garcia at Ring of Honor Final Battle.

Castagnoli talked about his upcoming title match with Chris Jericho, the possibility of joining the JAS, and William Regal’s situation throughout the interview (spoiler alert: he doesn’t know, or at least won’t say), but he also revealed which AEW wrestlers he would like to face off against in the very last question. Needless to say, the list is just as intriguing as it is long.

“Who wants to step up, in my opinion?” said Castagnoli. But it is essentially the Blackpool Combat Club’s guiding principle. Daniel Garcia had the opportunity to join, but he declined, so I might have chosen him earlier. not so much any longer. I believe there are few individuals there with whom, purely stylistically, I would adore to step in. Orange Cassidy is an illustration. I haven’t engaged in combat with him.

Dante Martin is one such author, am I correct? In my opinion, that would be really intriguing stylistically. But there are many more, and I won’t say any more since I’m sure I’d leave out a tonne of the many amazing people out there. I believe Hobbs is beginning to find himself. Wardlow. There are just so many that I think would be entertaining to face off against.

 Claudio Castagnoli

Wow, could you ever envision Castagnoli and OC playing each other? The former BAR member, who has never been one to take things too seriously, might engage in a fight like Cassidy’s showdown with Katsuyori Shibata, which expertly blends comedy and violence. Or how about a contest with Wardlow or Powerhouse?

Castagnoli isn’t quite a powerhouse at 6-foot-5 and 242 pounds, but he can surely work that style, and it would be amazing to see him whip either performer around in his trademark swing. Mr. Khan, please record these fights in any way.

Claudio Castagnoli explains how he maintains old friendships in AEW.

Castagnoli was also questioned on his decision to leave WWE for AEW and what the new chance in both AEW and ROH means to him in another section of his interview with Hayden for Dallas News.

“I would say that I was merely at a crossroads. I desired a fresh challenge. With my career, I wanted to do something more than just coast along. And I’ve always maintained that I need challenges, I want to be able to advance, and I want to improve. And I felt as though I hit a wall at the conclusion of my stay there last year.

And I simply thought that it was time for me to go on and seek out some fresh difficulties. There were many AEW members that I had not yet entered the ring with when I considered who I would want to do so.

In WWE, I would still have had a lot of goals to achieve. It was a difficult choice, but I chose AEW because I believed there was a lot of fresh talent there that I would not have had the opportunity to compete against for an extended period of time. So, that’s how I wanted it to turn out, and that’s how it actually did. And I’m thrilled about it.

When questioned about maintaining his relationships with WWE Universe members after Castagnoli attended the wedding of his old tag team partner Sheamus, the “Swiss Superman” explained that because of their frequent travel, wrestlers build a different kind of kinship.

“Due to the nature of wrestling and the way we traveled with the WWE, I spent nine of the ten years I was there consistently placing in the top 10 of most contests. When I was hurt, I wasn’t my best self. Consequently, after 150 to 200 days of travel, you develop a close bond with these folks. Therefore, just because I’m no longer there doesn’t imply that I don’t still have friends there.

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Sheamus is still my pal, you know. My pal Seth Rollins is still with me. I still communicate with many of my pals who are still there. That remains the same. Friendship means everything to me. As you can see, you know, I’ve known individuals like William Regal, [Jon Moxley], and Danielson for a very long time.

Then, as soon as I entered Blackpool Combat Club, I had the impression that I belonged there. And that’s thanks to our friendship and the connection we’ve developed over the years. So, even if Regal leaves AEW, he will still have Castagnoli as a buddy, even though the fans may not think highly of him.


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