Since winning a crucial morale-boosting match against QT Marshall in October, Action Andretti has defeated Chris Jericho, signed an AEW contract, and become the buzz of the town. He has been mentioned in numerous online articles, made an appearance on Busted Open Radio, and even won two matches on AEWDark during the most recent round of December tapings.

Therefore, it was only a matter of time before Andretti flew down the ramp and completely destroyed the entire JAS, hitting Jericho with a sprained ankle. Sammy Guevara, Daniel Garcia, and Chris Jericho—dressed in his best late-WCW Sting Cosplay—came out to interrupt Ricky Starks’ promo during the opening segment of Dynamite. Initially, they offered the “Stroke Dady” a spot in the Jerich

A good first portion, yes? The only person who could have been a little unhappy by the choice to toss Action back into the fire once more has to be Jim Cornette. It sort of undermines his argument that Andretti will be locked on Dark and Dark Elevation after his momentous achievement. Yes, in case you forgot, Cornette discussed Andretti’s television debut on his podcast and, needless to say, wasn’t overly optimistic about his future prospects.

Action Andretti

According to Cornette (via Sportskeeda), “He may be a good child, I don’t know how old he is, and as I said, he’s probably not going to become a lot bigger.” However, he is currently racing up and down the ropes, flipping, and performing other things that everyone else does in independent matches.

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He’s in much over his head and isn’t prepared to even be Daniel Garcia in this situation. Given his signing, he’ll likely never appear on Dynamite again; instead, he’ll be on Dark or Elevation, but you still need to do something with him.

Unfortunately, Andretti broke Cornette’s prediction in less than 15 minutes, but hey, don’t worry Corney; Action is used to exceeding expectations, so really, this shouldn’t be all that shocking.

With great publicity comes great exposure for Action Andretti in AEW.

After yet another “Dynamite-stealing” moment, Andretti went backstage to meet Tony Schiavone for an official interview about his entry into AEW. What’s it like to pull off the seemingly impossible and become the buzz of the whole professional wrestling industry, Schiavone questioned?

Yes, Tony, as you mentioned, I performed the unthinkable, the impossible, and something that some are calling the biggest upset of the decade last week here on Dynamite, Shanahan stated.

“In the center of the ring, I defeated The Ocho, Chris Jericho. Since then, Tony, my life has changed significantly; I have been receiving an incredible amount of love and support from all of the AEW fans, and it feels wonderful.

Even though everything is fantastic for me, I knew the Appreciation Society wouldn’t just stand by and watch their leader get defeated by a rookie without having grown frustrated and angry enough to vent on anybody and at any time. also today. They made the choice to have Ricky Starks feel his anger. However, Tony, I was present and I had Starks back. I was behind him because…

Who else but Angelo Parker and Matt Menard, the pair that may still go by the name of 2point0, decided to praise AEW’s new wunderkind before Andretti could finish his thought?

We’re here to offer you praise, youngster, so calm down, Parker replied. “You’re on a roll right now.” Some people may even suggest you’re on fire during this hot run. Menard threw in.

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On fire… does “Daddy Magic” imply that Andretti will receive a fireball to the face from “The Ocho” because he is obviously not accepting his loss gracefully? No, it appears that the conflict between Andretti and Jericho has a long history, and Starks might even be involved.

It’s obvious that Andretti will be a part of AEW in some capacity until either this present angle runs its course or creativity runs out of things for him to do. Boy howdy, talk about a fascinating twist to a narrative some – read above – felt was nothing more than a one-off. He is partnered with Jericho, who has attempted around six angles this year and who, fortunately, never seems to run out of creative outlets.

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