Bobby Fish hasn’t been a part of AEW since Tony Khan decided not to renew his contract with him on August 31st, 2022. Since then, he has worked Impact Wrestling matches, tried his hand at boxing in an odd match with Sammy Guevara providing commentary, and generally tried to keep busy with The Undisputed Podcast and other opportunities until his friends Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly were ready to wrestle for Khan once more.

Fish lost his opportunities after reDRagon put an end to their many attempts at winning the AEW Tag Team Championships. This situation was made even more dramatic by his comments about CM Punkin in his post-run tell-alls. When Fish was asked about wasted opportunities during his time with AEW by Lars Frederiksen and Dennis Farrell for Fightful’s The Wrestling Perspective podcast, it goes without saying that “The Infamous One” believed there was “enough of money left on the table.”

Fish stated, “I feel like there was a lot of money on the table with AEW, especially with Adam and Kyle, once we were there and history that we had with let’s say like the Bucks and you could even roll, like, the Briscoes, that I hoped we would visit, and things just didn’t go that way. When asked if he thought they might get back together when O’Reilly came back later, Fish sounded upbeat.

Bobby Fish

“I think in a lot of fans’ minds, that’s the version of him (Kyle) and I, for lack of a better phrase reDRagon or Undisputed Era, whatever you want to call it,” Fish added. “Obviously, I don’t have a crystal ball, but what I’ve discovered working in this industry, particularly in the last few years, is that anything is possible, you know? I mean, I didn’t particularly expect to be released from NXT, and then I didn’t necessarily anticipate the AEW thing to happen, or even in the way that it did, but the way Tony brought me in was very unique and neat.

“So, yeah, it was attached to, like, a tweet, and, uh, Sammy Guevara had just won one of the titles there (The TNT Championship), and I was not currently affiliated with the company, so I tweeted something and that was kind of how it came to be. Then, I came in through what I believe they were calling The Forbidden Door, and yeah, it was just kind of an unconventional sort of way to debut and I was down for that like, that was, anything

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It really is a shame that reDRagon and The Undisputed Elite never got to participate in a sort of “Elite Civil War” with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks or against “The Hung Bucks” with Cole’s biggest on-roster nemesis, “Hangman” Adam Page, after making such an exciting debut in AEW.

Bobby Fish wished AEW ran their version of the Crockett Cup

When Frederiksen questioned Fish later in the podcast about any other opportunities that he felt weren’t fully realized during his tenure with AEW, Fish outlined his idea for a tag team equivalent of the Owen Hart Cup that could have helped determine the top in-ring duo in the promotion without the constraints of the tag team belts. Although clearly unrealized, his response would have been amazing.

With regard to the plan, Fish said, “I really thought there was room in that AEW run for a Crocket Cup-style Pay-Per-View and I think that team wrestling is so underappreciated that I believe fans would have really enjoyed the difference, the juxtaposition, if you will, it would have been to have a tag team main event, a tag team tournament.

“And I genuinely think that we had such a diversity of combinations, like the ones you name and there are more, like Trent (Beretta) and Rocky (Romero), Trent and Dustin (Chuck Taylor), whatever combination you want to put with those guys, Butcher, and The Blade, yeah, the list goes on and on.

Bobby Fish

Indeed, I believe there was money that was essentially left on the table, which is sad, and I would have preferred to see that perform a little bit better than it did. But who knows, perhaps at a later date.

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As seasoned AEW fans may recall, Dynamite technically began with a tag team competition to determine the winners of the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Championships.

The Young Bucks were famously defeated in the first round by the now rarely-used tag team of Private Party in that tournament, and there hasn’t been a meaningful way for teams to test their mettle since. Nevertheless, the idea of putting all of those in-ring performers into a set of brackets to determine who reigns supreme is “money left on the table.” Oh well, as Fish stated, perhaps during his next run. *sigh*


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