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The Chicago crowd was ferociously hungry when The Elite, Kenny Omega, and the Young Bucks entered the ring for their second contest in a Best of Seven series versus Death Triangle. Even the commentary team of Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone, and Don Callis had to acknowledge the anger after trying to downplay it through the first segment of the match. The boos nearly drowned out the sounds of “Carry on my Wayward Son,” the team’s new AEW theme. Chants of “CM Punk” also broke out several times.

After the Montreal Screwjob, are The Elite the AEW’s response to Shawn Michaels in Canada? If they weren’t at the beginning of the match, they were by the end of it, as Omega and The Jacksons, Nick and Matt, decided to spend the majority of the match going over the highlights of CM Punk’s time in AEW. Omega teased the GTS before delivering it later on, and Matt tried to hit a Buckshot Lariat but instead fell on his behind, much like “The Best In The World” did in his match with “Hangman” Adam Page.

In a picture that has already been turned into a meme, Omega literally pulled his best Ace Steel impression and bit PAC on the arm. One is left to wonder what Punk, or at least Punk’s crew, thought of this match.

Did they think it was just three entertainers attempting to get some business in a tough area? Or were the numerous hat tricks during the match a means of making peace with the opponent they battled after “All Out,” or maybe a hint at his potential comeback a few months from now when he’s healthy?

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, no less, claims that Punk’s supporters weren’t overly enthusiastic about what transpired in the ring.

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According to Ian Carey of The Wrestling Observer, Meltzer claimed on Wrestling Observer Radio that “those close to CM Punk were, yeah, they were not thrilled with that six-man tag fight.”

Meltzer, is he right? Is Punk really offended by The Elite’s ill-fated attempt to imitate the sincerest form of flattery? Or is this an instance of AEW exploiting the professional wrestling industry’s kayfabe structure to make it seem that Punk isn’t happy with The Elite’s shenanigans in order to set up another angle later on? In either case, it’s difficult to believe Tony Khan approved the ads unless he genuinely wanted to make a point about Punk, either in the positive or the negative.

Kenny Omega’s pre-AEW Dynamite comments look very confusing with hindsight.

Before Omega entered the ring in Chicago with the Young Bucks, “The Best Bout Machine” spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about his return to the ring. He provided a very odd reaction, which at the time appeared political but now comes off as downright trollish.

There are some topics that no one should discuss, therefore Omega advised her audience to leave it to go. “The fact that we want AEW to be a joint effort does not change. I don’t even mean to imply that I and my opponent are the same.

Additionally, it implies that anyone—including the referee, the audience, the staff members who set up the ring, and even a technical error—can taint the memory of a match. I clearly remember the barbed wire death match with the explosions. As a result, I advise people to stay away from it because no information will be disclosed. I do want the fans to know that even though I can’t discuss it, I still want the best for professional wrestling.

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“Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks aren’t competing against CM Punk in this. It is individuals attempting to display their talents. You can boo CM Punk, the Young Bucks, or Kenny Omega, but I hope people don’t forget that we’re just regular individuals trying to express our craft.

Okay, so Omega wanted to reassure the crowd that The Elite and CM Punk aren’t facing off, but then he proceeded to completely destroy the “Straight Edge Savor” in the ring in his hometown when he couldn’t even defend himself?

Omega bit PAC in their encounter on Dynamite, so was this an attempt to defy expectations, or did the “Wayward Sons” decide to switch things up right before the match and are now facing more pink slips and a meeting with Khan to discuss their in-ring behavior? In either case, this is a tale worth following.

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