CM Punk is a favorite of Dax Harwood. Punk’s first match after winning the AEW World Championship actually took place in trios action with FTR by his side, and even as the then-champ sat on the sidelines awaiting to recover from an injury, Harwood and his partner, Cash Wheeler, sang his praises. The pair collaborated frequently while they were both employed by AEW.

People understandably wanted to know what the FTR boys thought of their pal when Punk accidentally ran into a backstage altercation at All Out. Would they still be on Punk’s side? Or even they would concede that his acts were not at all justifiable.

Fortunately, Sean Ross Sap of Fightful questioned him about it, and in what may be the strangest turn of events you’ll read all day, he compared the former AEW World Champion to another champion he had previously worked with in WWE: Sasha Banks.

AEW’s Dash Harwood complements the passion of CM Punk and Sasha Banks.

As reported by Wrestling Inc.’s Shaun Ranft, when asked about the controversy surrounding Punk, Harwood compared his situation to that of Banks, who has been out of the WWE for five months and counting after leaving a show with her former WWE Women’s Tag Team partner Naomi due to a disagreement over their booking.

Harwood told Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, “[Sasha Banks] is just as enthusiastic about wrestling as I am to the point where it does get her in trouble.” “If you aren’t controversial, nobody will remember you. I adore her so much; she’s a wonderful person and a phenomenal wrestler—possibly the best female wrestler of all time.

He said, “Punk, the same thing as Sasha. When Punk first signed with the business, Harwood said, “a man who obviously has his detractors, and sometimes his detractors are louder,” adding that Punk’s door was always open and that he’d hang around after the show and even watch matches of younger wrestlers when they requested.

CM Punk to Sasha Banks

He proclaimed, “It all emanates from a place of passion.” He enjoys grappling. Like Sasha, I communicate with him daily, and I hope that whatever he decides to do offers him happy because he deserves it.

Wow, I certainly didn’t expect the Lucha Libre AAA Tag Team Champions, IWGP Tag Team Champions, and Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions to compare Punk and Banks’ mindsets in an interview, but hey, it’s still an intriguing contrast that makes some sense.

Even though their current issues have prevented them from entering the ring recently – granted, Punk is still recovering from injury and probably won’t be healthy enough to compete any time soon – both performers are loud, proud, outspoken, and over with a very vocal segment of fans who love everything they bring to the table.

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They would elicit strong reactions from fans when they eventually re-emerge, even if Eric Bischoff doesn’t seem to think so. Even though it’s unclear where either performer will end up next, if either decides to return to the ring at all, it’s obvious that their returns, whether to WWE, AEW, or elsewhere, will continue to elicit strong reactions from the professional wrestling community given how well-liked they are despite their absences from the squared circle.

CM Punk advocated for Sasha Banks in the past.

If you remember, this isn’t the first time Punk and Banks have been mentioned in the news. No, according to Still Real To Us, Punk was actually questioned by The Hashtag Show at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 about Banks, real name Mercedes Varnado, leaving WWE, and he gave the former champion his complete support.

My problem is that I won’t listen to criticism if I don’t seek their opinion first, Punk remarked. “You can’t take somebody on a journey you haven’t taken yourself. I make an effort to maintain my humility, and I dislike bragging about myself, yet I was the first one to break through the wall.

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For it, I was f*cking bloodied. I will always support someone being able to see as they get up and leave in that fashion, 100% f**king of the time. Although I have never met Mercedes and do not know her, I do feel a strong sense of sympathy for her. I am familiar with the area. I am aware of the treatment of women there. Since I’m not a woman, I can’t put myself in her shoes, but there are certainly several explanations for why she quit.

So there you have it. Although Punk has long-standing and well-documented problems with WWE, it is good to see him recognize the many points of view and support his fellow wrestler. even if it kind of goes against the idea of worker camaraderie to oppose your coworkers.


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