The Dark Order once ranked among the largest factions in AEW. They featured three different tag teams among their number, a TNT Champion serving as their commander, and because of Anna Jay’s informal relationship with Tay Conti, they even had a female tag team.

Only three performers, Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and “Johnny Hungry” himself, John Silver, remain to fill out the remaining positions after the faction’s leader passed away, a third of their ranks were either released or permitted to enter the free agent market, and even several members left for better opportunities in AEW as members of groups like the JAS and La Faction Ingobernable.

Uno elaborated on how the purple and black faction of AEW’s salad days are mostly past and how he sees the unit progressing into 2023 when asked to comment on the state of his faction on the Inside the Ropes podcast.

Not good. Uno remarked (h/t WrestleZone) “I mentioned how it was a roller coaster of a year.” This year, I’ve had some professional highs and some personal lows. We were certainly a force to be reckoned with as Dark Order at the beginning of the year, each and every one of us. It eventually began to unravel gradually.

Colt Cabana opted to focus more on Ring of Honor and took a leave of absence, while Alan Angels elected not to renew his contract and is now a member of an odd yellow-clad sect in IMPACT.

After I told everyone that Anna Jay should join Dark Order, she decided to hang out with her other friend and essentially quit our group two weeks later. I could therefore accept all of that. They are issues beyond my control. Then Preston Vance joined LFI, kind of pushing it much further than I had believed any of my buddies were capable of.

Evil Uno

The “Hangman” Adam Page, who teamed with the group during the World Trios Tournament and has since been seen on television ahead of his huge upcoming match against Jon Moxley, is fortunately still one trump card in AEW that should keep Uno and his cohorts on television at least somewhat for the next few months.

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Although a conflict between Page and Reynolds may ultimately lead to the Dark Order’s dissolution, for the time being, it is their final hope of remaining relevant in Tony Khan’s eyes.

Preston Vance explains why he switched factions in AEW.

Vance was asked why he chose to leave Dark Order in order to take a proper chance at relevancy with LFI when he sat down earlier this month for an in-depth interview with Jim Ross. Even if it is harsh, his response is difficult to contest.

Jim, who is your employer at AEW? Let me start by asking you a question. JR was questioned by Vance, and he responded with Tony Khan. “So it’s not a 10-year-old child, then? Cool, mine is no longer either. Everyone considers me to be the evil guy for abandoning my family.

Not my brothers are they? Because I was a collegiate athlete and was hand-selected by Brody Lee, those other players are not on the same level as me. RUSH, Jose, and the rest of LFI are my true brothers because they see in me the same promise that Mr. Brodie Lee did.

Vance didn’t appear to care when asked how it felt to let down Brodie Lee Jr., who was devastated to see his favorite wrestler abandon his father’s faction.

We can all agree that no child should ever experience that, so that’s one thing. What the child went through two years ago shouldn’t have happened again, but Jim has developed into a spoiled brat over the past two years. What is, is what is. Little Brodie, it’s time to grow up, is the only message I have for you.

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Was Vance, a member of the Dark Order, ever going to win an AEW championship? No, probably not. Despite having hundreds of fights under their collective name, Dark Order only has one champion, and with so many powerful athletes already participating in AEW’s numerous categories, it’s difficult to envision a clear road to a strap.

Nevertheless, it’s difficult to imagine Vance succeeding further in LFI, especially since RUSH has taken Andrade’s place as the faction’s leader. At worst, this might result in a conflict between the two factions, which, given where the Dark Order is right now, might not be the worst thing that could happen.


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