There were a few notable names who either weren’t rehired – like Wesley Blake or EC3 – or can’t be because they’ve been picked up by another promotion and are currently under contract elsewhere. While WWE has made a point of re-signing a number of the wrestlers they fired during the pandemic and beyond, with Paul “Triple H” Levesque’s Infinity Gauntlet now looking like a suit of armor.

Ruby Riott, who performs for AEW under the ring name Rudy Soho, is one of the artists who definitely fits into the latter category. Despite the fact that Riott wasn’t exactly a featured performer on RAW or SmackDown during her main roster run and regrettably never won a championship with Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, one Hall of Famer who is now a WWE employee, Road Dogg, thinks the tattooed punk rocker could have been a true superstar if she had been booked properly. He discussed this on him Oh You Didn’t Know podcast.

“I’ll tell you something, and it’s not because I dislike Liv. Road Dogg stated, via Wrestle News, “For me, it was always Ruby Riott. I think she’s developed one hundredfold and she’s a true star today. I book her on live events as such and put her in settings that position her as such. “Ruby Riott was the one, always.

Road Dogg

I still believe she is the one out of the three to this day. Although it’s just my perspective, I felt she could work. I believed she could cut commercials. She resembled Liv less than she did, but she was kind of the whole deal. Do you understand what I mean?

“So that’s what I assumed was the end all be all, but I was and still am a tremendous admirer of Ruby Riott, as well as Liv and Sarah for that matter. Now that Sarah Logan is back, I always enjoy seeing her. She’s entertaining to be around, and I love her name. They are all wonderful to deal with and excellent at what they do.

The highlight will undoubtedly be that Road Dogg despises Liv Morgan or something, but that is completely untrue. adore her I adore each of the three girls. Personally, what I perceived with my small eye was a young, scrawny female with tattoos. I once thought, and I still do, that she is the outsider underdog that people can identify with.

Does Road Dogg make sense? Would Riott have been a memorable underdog star on RAWorSmackDown? It’s tough to say, but Tony Khan is one guy who ought to pay attention to Dogg’s advice because he could gain from hiring the Soho in the same manner.

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Road Dogg believes that Triple H has an improved plan for WWE’s NXT pipeline.

In another episode of his podcast, Road Dogg discussed how Levesque truly seems to have the plan to create a legitimate pipeline across all of the company’s brands, despite years of an odd disconnect between NXT and WWE.

“Yeah. Since there isn’t a strictly streamlined process, all of the above, to be completely honest with you, are necessary, especially now that Hunter is in control of the creative, Road Dogg remarked. He is considerably more knowledgeable about providing adequate notice so that the person can be written off or written out, as the case may be. It provides you time to think of inventive ways to get ready for that. I prefer being informed. Thus, we occasionally received things and occasionally did not.

I believe that moving forward, whether you’re in the middle of something with them or not, you’ll always be able to say, “Hey, we’re taking this person because we got an idea for this and this,” regardless of whether you were in the middle of something with them at the time.

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I’m speaking now from NXT’s creative experience. Because I believe everyone realizes that I should at least beat him on the way out or do anything to put a final chapter on his character, I don’t think it will continue to be that way. Allow us some time to produce anything. Now, I predict that will occur frequently.

Having some cohesion between the main roster and developmental could be exactly what WWE needs to take the next step in its developmental journey, especially with Bron Breaker, the company’s newest 5-star prospect, if you will, readying to make the jump up to the “big stage” after seeing performers like Carrion Kross famously get beat for no reason in particular in squash to Jeff Hardy while being built up for a massive title match with Samoa Joe on next.




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