Since she competed in and finally won the Casino Battle Royale at All Out 2021 as the Joker participant, Rudy Soho has been a member of AEW. This dates all the way back to September 2021. Since then, Soho has engaged in competitive wrestling, engaged in a feud with Britt Baker, been tagged with everyone from Toni Storm to Thunder Rosa, and even finished second in both the TNT Championship Tournament and the AEW Owen Hart Cup.

The 31-year-old had rapidly become a fan favorite and maintained that position thanks to her connection with Eddie Kingston, so sooner or later, Soho was going to win the big one, and fans were beyond excited to see it.

Unfortunately, that all changed at All Out 2022 when Tay Conti-now-Melo accidentally broke Soho’s nose during the Zero Hourslate of matches. Soho was sidelined until December before she was finally able to return with a new appearance inspired by the surgery required to fix her seriously jacked schnoz.

Even though Soho was able to face Melo again at Winter is Coming, her efforts inside the ring weren’t enough to ensure a successful outcome. After she had Mrs. Guevara pinned, Anna Jay ran out from the back and attacked the former Riott Squad leader, taking her down along with their longtime tag team partner.

Ruby Soho

It goes without saying that Soho would require the assistance of another babyface if she was to permanently solve her TayJay issue. Thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to uncover that information because Soho made a killer advertisement on Rampage announcing her plans to progress in AEW and her intention to bring “The Babe With The Power,” Willow Nightingale, along to finally settle the score.

Tay, our tale was supposed to conclude last week, Soho stated. I was supposed to be able to put an end to that chapter of my professional life and get rid of you, as I’ve wanted to do for so damn long. I was going to have my moment to celebrate defeating you, but Anna Jay had other ideas. This little number game has gotten a little old for me. Even though I intended to fight this battle alone and didn’t want to seek help, I was able to find the ideal partner.

Will the Soho/Nightingale crew work with Wilko? Will Sollow? be able to defeat TayJay and advance as they please? Or will the JAS member prolong the conflict to the point where Tony Khan must christen a tag team championship to justify it? That will be decided with the help of the 2022 final dynamic.

Ruby Soho has high hopes for her AEW run in 2023.

Busted Open Radio, Soho spoke on her first year and change in AEW and emphasized how difficult it has been to get her bearings after missing a quarter of the year due to injury.

Soho remarked that 2022 had been “a rollercoaster” (h/t Fightful). “I’ve been trying to sort of find my footing here in AEW, figure out exactly what my position is, where I belong, and who I want to present myself as, and obviously getting hurt and being out for three months, and then kind of emotionally coping with that,” the author said.

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Anyone on this panel who has wrestled previously, at least for me, knows that injuries are nearly more mental than they are physical. The best is undoubtedly yet to come for me, so even though it’s been a rollercoaster, I believe it’s been extremely inspiring. Fortunately, Soho has great expectations for 2023 since she wants to put herself first rather than prioritize others at the price of her own happiness.

Soho remarked (via Fightful): “I genuinely think this year, it might seem cliche to talk about, but I really want to focus on me. “I have devoted a significant portion of my professional life to attempting to support some of the younger girls or girls with whom I work, and I have loved every minute of it.

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But I’m beginning to see that in order to be able to help more ladies, which is ultimately what I want to do and how I want to end my career, I really need to get my act together and concentrate on myself.

But I must really emphasize myself, raise everything up a level, and demonstrate to everyone why I joined AEW in the first place, why those fans were thrilled to see me at All Out when I made my debut, and why the Indianapolis crowd was thrilled to see me when I returned. I believe I have a lot to prove about myself. Thus, that is what the upcoming year will be focused on.

Will 2023 mark Soho’s first singles championship since 2016? Only time will tell, but once her conflict with Conti is resolved, the possibilities are truly endless.

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