Samoa Joe is a truly awful person. Joe, who dubbed himself the “King of Television” after winning the AEW TNT Championship at Full Gear and the Ring of Honor Television Title on the April 13 episode of Dynamite, twice successfully defended his titles last week, first against Darby Allin on Dynamite and then against Juice Robinson at ROHFinal Battle. In both matches, he looked better than he had the week before.

When given the chance to address the crowd after ROHFinal Battle with Tony Khan by his side, Joe issued a challenge to anyone with the guts to defend him and either of his championships, the ROH TV Title or the TNT Championship, which Cody Rhodes won in its first match against Lance Archer.

But who would accept the task? It most certainly wouldn’t be Rhodes since, as you may know, he is still under a WWE contract and rehabbing from a torn pec. However, Joe would be willing to knock Rhodes down and establish once and for all that he is the best champion in television history if Rhodes were to step up by some modern wrestling miracle.

cody rhodes

Let’s be really clear about this: Anyone may obtain it, stated Joe h/t Fighful. “Show up and I’ll whoop your a- if you think you’re the man who’s going to come to take this from me. No matter who it is, Cody (Rhodes) may return and bring anyone. You are more than welcome to come here if you want to steal my championship.

I don’t go hunting. I’m not chasing cats around here. They follow behind me. You come to me while the monarch is seated on the throne. That is how it operates and will continue to operate as long as I am the champion.

Wow, I understand bringing up Miro in a discussion about television shows because, according to reports, he is currently sitting around doing nothing, but why bring up Rhodes? Samoa’s best submission machine, Joe, is now feeling himself in an AEW ring after a stop-start start to his stay in the promotion. This might be because Joe is just feeling himself.

Joe added, “I think another thing that escapes a lot of people’s attention is that I was basically gone for the first three months when I first entered AEW. “There is time and working together with others, those things were happening, and I was busy.

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We could never really get into a groove. Now that I’ve had a good month here—or a month and a half or two—under my belt, I’m kind of getting back into the swing of things and getting into a nice rhythm, which is a very difficult thing to achieve in this sector when we just have a few events planned. I always wind up being sharper if I can get in there and have a little bit of time. Right now, we are in that situation.

It’s evident from watching Joe’s recent matches that the 43-year-old 23-time champion is enjoying the opportunity to be the kind of dominant force that made him an indie all-time a decade ago in promotions like ROH and TNA-now-Impact. Joe has been making fun of smaller opponents by not-selling their moves in multiple ways.

Cody Rhodes didn’t want to be a 15-time TNT Champion in AEW.

Regarding the possibility of Rhodes challenging Joe for the TNT or ROH Television Championship, “The Son of a Son of a Plumber” famously discussed the likelihood of further runs with the AEW secondary title on The Ringer Wrestling Show right after his comeback match at WrestleMania against Seth Rollins. Spoiler alert: Before his professional wrestling career ended, Rhodes wasn’t trying to break the record for the most TNT Title reigns in AEW.

I’m viewed in a variety of ways. He is an egotist. He requested so much cash. Although it’s entertaining to hear, Rhodes remarked, “I actually grew up here (in WWE).” “At the age of 20, I had no idea what a contract was. I went to OVW at the age of 19. It’s a different tale now. I was one of the original founders of AEW and the Executive Vice President, so it wasn’t so much about this having to be done this way.

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I wanted to be sure that when I left, it was done so with the highest respect and not—I hope no one here is lazy enough, which nobody is—with any AEW jokes, bingo parlor allusions, or other jokes of that nature. I have nothing against them; I was simply ready to move on. I had engaged in combat with any opponent I desired. I didn’t want to keep the belt as a captive despite being a 15-time TNT Champion.

I was ready to move on to another leather object. Another example is Nick Khan, who is the subject of a variety of viewpoints since perception truly is reality. I have never encountered a nicer person than that one. The friendliest man. Bruce, the Chairman himself, please enter (Vince McMahon). It was wonderful to be courted.

Had Rhodes remained in AEW, would he have continued to compete for the TNT Title and TNT Title? Since Rhodes’ absence, AEW has officially unlocked the Ring of Honor Galaxy, so the answer is probably no.

However, Rhodes could have staged matches for the Ring of Honor World Championship, which he previously held, or even the ROH Pure Championship in a manner similar to a “TNT open challenge” on a much larger scale. Even while a 15-time TNT Title run would have been great to witness, especially if it happened quickly after, it’s difficult to argue that pursuing one ambition should be put on hold.


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