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Renee Paquette, who was known as Renee Young in WWE, has only been a part of the AEW broadcast team for a little over a month, but it’s safe to say her inclusion has been a great success. Paquette appears to be very well-liked by almost everyone she’s interacted with, with the exception ofBritt Baker, who skipped a pre-planned sit down with Paquette and Saraya before their actual match at Full Gear. Paquette works primarily as a backstage interviewer but has expanded out to some sitdown interviews in the style of her popularSessionspodcast.

Even though her non-compete clause and choice to become a mother made the union take a little longer than some initially anticipated, it was a no-brainer to bring Paquette over to AEW once she was released from WWE since her husband, now-former champion Jon Moxley, was already a worker for the organization.

AEW broadcasting team

But what if I told you that prior to joining AEW, Paquette received interest from and even discussions with WWE about resuming the promotion that had given her a global celebrity? Sounds fairly improbable, doesn’t it? Well, the reporting by Fightful shouldn’t come as much of a surprise given that WWE recently brought Cathy Kelley back after a comparable sabbatical.

WWE tried to snipe, Renee Paquette, before she signed with AEW.

Paquette revealed during a discussion of her free agency period with Vickie Guerrero on their now-famous podcast, fittingly titled Excuse Me, that she had in fact spoken with WWE about joining them again before deciding to join AEW.

Before making my AEW debut, information concerning my chats with WWE about all of their activities in that country was released. Paquette stated, “I had been talking to WWE about all the stuff they had going on over there.” “The more I considered it and considered how that would look in the future, the more I decided that I wanted to join AEW. I want to be a part of this expanding and evolving business.

I wish to assist. I want to contribute any expertise I may have in this area to help, I want to perform a good job, and I want to travel with my husband because it makes life easier. That was truer than ever, and Jon and I were speaking more often. One of the first significant turning points was when the family had to decide. Not that I can’t do what I want—if that’s what I decided to do, it would have been okay—but families talk about what is best for everyone.

“I noticed a glitter in my eye. I adore working with others, I adore doing the backstage segments where I get to interview Don Callis, Sonjay, and other performers, and I adore how I’ve spent the majority of my time with AEW. Fun is had. Instead of just receiving a piece of paper and being told to do something, it’s exciting to try to figure out what those items are. That’s okay too; I used to enjoy doing it that way, but it’s wonderful to be able to do it this way.

As fans may or may not be aware, Paquette did, in fact, return to WWE a few times between her firing and her eventual hiring by AEW; she co-hosted a kickoff show for the second season of SmackDown on Fox on October 16th, 2020, and even made an appearance on WWE Backstage in January of 2021 with none other than Booker T and Paige-now-Saraya.

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However, for the most part, Paquette’s biggest contributions to the professional wrestling world Paquette has stated in the past that a return to the commentary booth isn’t at the top of her list of priorities, despite the fact that the post given to her by WWE may have come with additional duties and even more on-screen opportunities. Paquette clearly likes where she is now.

Paquette responded “No” on The Sessions via Wrestling Inc. “I know I shouldn’t say it, but anyone who just heard you say that probably responded the same way I did: ‘No thanks. That’s how I’ve always felt about it: “We don’t need that, and we don’t want that.” Added, “I feel like people simply reacted to it so negatively,” said the speaker.



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