Jamie Hayter

There is only one nasty word that you can use on television, notwithstanding George Carlin’s claim (check them up, if you dare), according to AEW fans: interim. Yes, AEW supporters have no problem using terms like “belt,” “wrestler,” or any other exaggerated terminology that would make Vince McMahon cringe. But calling a title a “interim” reign? That’s simply so frickin’ perplexing, it’s enough to drive a fan up the wall.

Consider Toni Storm’s tenure as the AEW Women’s World Champion. The storm was regarded by many as a great champion and successfully defended the belt four times over the course of 76 days. However, because she lost the interim belt to Jamie Hayter at Full Gear, her entire reign is lost to history because she never actually held the “real” AEW belt. If nothing changed, this interim business would also affect Hayter and a number of other TNT Champions in addition to Jon Moxley.

Fortunately, Tony Khan intervened and brought about a change. After consulting with Thunder Rosa, the still-current technical champion, Khan had Renee Paquette inform the Chicago-area spectators and those tuning in from home that La Mera Mera had lost the title and that Storm and Hayter’s reigns had been retroactively restored with the interim label removed as a result.

Hayter is the genuine blue champion, and even though she did interact with Britt Baker in an intriguing way that suggests their friendship might not last for the long haul, for the time being, everyone’s favorite Southampton native gets to celebrate her victory five days after taking home the trophy in Newark, New Jersey.

Jamie Hayter wants to be the AEW fans’ champ, even against Britt Baker.

Speaking of Baker, Matt Black of Wrestle Zone via Yahoo Sports has reported that during the media scrum following All Out, Hayter was questioned about her friendship with the good Dr. and whether or not she would ever want to wrestle her closest buddy.

Wow, Britt and I initially met in a dive bar in London in 2019 when we first wrestled,” Hayter remarked. We met, engaged in a really enjoyable match at Pro Wrestling Eve, and so forth. After the first match, we just kind of continued to build this bond, Jamie Hayter said. We clicked, and we got along pretty well. She returned to the US. I traveled to Japan. We kept in touch, and our friendship just kind of developed from there.

I am at AEW because of her. I am here entirely because of her. Like she was such a huge help to me, especially in getting to where I am now. I am therefore delighted to have her as a competitor for the title. There are no better opponents in the ring, in my opinion than friends or family members. Since there is more emotion involved, I believe that results in stronger matches.

Jamie Hayter

It was just a wrestling bout if you engaged in it with someone you didn’t truly know or with whom you had no emotional connection. However, when you wrestle with a person you genuinely care about. Everything is at stake. I’m willing to wrestle her at any time, so there. And I’d adore it. I’d really like to wrestle her once more. We’ve both improved greatly in the years since then. So feel free whenever. Let’s do it if she requests it!

Given that Baker has already made two attempts to obstruct Hayter’s opportunity to flourish in AEW, it is obvious that a bout between the two superstars may be forthcoming soon. Hayter aims to be a powerful babyface champion up until and even after that match since she is obviously supported by the fans.

As much as I detest being under pressure, I am undoubtedly the type of person that does best in such situations. I prefer to be stress- and anxiety-free, yet that’s when I perform best, Hayter remarked. Being a champion, I firmly believe that this will mark the beginning of an increase in my ring skills as well as my desire and effort to take the women’s division to new heights.

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It will only continue to develop and improve. So I already adore every moment. I can already feel the pressure building, and I can’t wait for it to last for however long I continue to hold this.

I’m hoping the pressure increases for me specifically. Because that’s when I’m going to produce my finest work, I can’t really explain it. If you want to be a champion, you must put up with a lot and cope with it. And that’s just what I’m going to do.

Hayter’s future is uncertain, but it’s encouraging to see that three of AEW’s top belts are held by indigenous performers that the promotion helped to develop from the ground up on a big platform.


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