The WWE Universe has already been somewhat shaken up by Vince McMahon’s return to the Board of Directors, despite the fact that he hasn’t yet formally taken back the reins from his son-in-law, Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Fans are now concerned about the company’s future, wrestlers are fearful that it will be sold to the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, and soon-to-be free agents are unsure whether they can see it as a viable

As an illustration, consider FTR, the team that the WWE Universe knows as The Revival. Over the course of their impressive run outside of The Fed, they have since gone on to win the AEW Tag Team Championships, the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championships, the IWGP Tag Team Championships, and the Lucha Libre AAA Tag Team Championships.

The duo simply didn’t get along with Mr. McMahon during their time together in WWE, according to Dax Harwood, who discussed the subject on his FTR Podcast. His return could therefore cast doubt on a potential return to the company that seemed surprisingly likely when Levesque was the only one calling the creative shots.

Vince McMahon’s

He simply disliked us, Harwood claimed. He wasn’t really fond of us. Because he is from North Carolina, I believe my North Carolina accent played a significant role. His biological father was raised in North Carolina. He attended East Carolina and abhorred the entire culture there. I believe that the accent or perhaps simply us in general served as a reminder to him of that. He might not have liked us at all.

That’s also fine. He may not have done our work. That’s also alright. But he made sure to inform us that day, when we had our shiny new belts in our hands and were feeling good, that he didn’t like us for some reason. We were the first-ever WWE Triple Crown Tag Team Champions. Before us, no one had ever achieved that feat on WWE Raw, WWE SmackDown, or WWE NXT.

He decided to take a dump on us just as we were about to exclaim how proud we should be of that moment. As a person, I will always remember the way you try to make people feel when you say or do things like that. We had support from the crowd, so it’s clear that we didn’t harm your revenue.

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You chose to say that to us after we went out there, risked our lives for you and your business, and returned with our bodies pumping with endorphins. One of the things I’ll never forget is that. We discuss my plans for the future, which, now that I think about it and with him back in charge, makes me slightly doubt this.

Following the return of Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 38, did McMahon’s comeback cost WWE their second significant AEW defection? It’s too early to tell, but based on Harwood’s memory of his chat with McMahon after his team won the Triple Crown, it sounds like FTR won’t be doing business with the veteran booker anytime soon.

Vince Mc Mahon Didn’t “Get” FTR in WWE

It’s always a compliment when a booker compares a tag team to Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, the other half of the Four Horsemen, who are among the most legendary teams in the history of the business. After defeating New Day to become the first-ever WWE Triple Crown Champions, Mr. McMahon floated the association to Harwood and Cash Wheeler, but he meant it to be anything but that.

We were all four of us proud of the match when we returned to the back after winning the belts. We were ecstatic about the game. When we get to the rear, Vince is there with his headphones on, waiting for us. Since he has taken off his headset, I’m expecting he will tell us how amazing that was. That work was excellent. That was telling a narrative. Hey, excellent job, guys, he says as he approaches us and walks over to New Day. Thank you; I value it.

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He leaves Cash and me there as they go. Everyone tells me that you guys are the next great tag team, he then exclaims. You are the upcoming Arn and Tully, everyone tells me. That’s your issue, then. You are Arn and Tully’s successor. Just great wrestlers, that’s all you are.

He moves on foot. I’m thinking, “What a son of a b*tch thinks he did by saying that?” Though he didn’t. He fulfilled my dreams by telling me that we are the new Arn and Tully, even though we are just a tag team and excellent wrestlers.

Did Mr. McMahon know that the FTR couple would see right through his backhanded compliment? Although it’s tough to say for sure, it doesn’t seem like the family-oriented FTR members will be looking to get married with “Wrestling’s First Family” any time soon, especially when there is a tonne of other alternatives that are very much on the table.

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