Samoa Joe is a deadly performer in the ring; known as the “Samoan Submission Machine” for a reason, Joe has amassed 23 different championships over the course of his 23-year professional wrestling career, including runs as one of the best wrestlers in Ring of Honor, Impact, and now AEW, where he currently holds the title of “King of Television” thanks to concurrent reigns as the TNT Champion and the ROH Television Champion.

For how brutal Joe can be in the ring, he’s actually a pretty happy guy outside of the ring; he’s great on commentary, a budding actor with a role in the upcoming twisted Metal show alongside Mike “Mitchy Two Spoons” Mitchell of Doughboys/Birthday Boys fame, and is even a purveyor of holiday cheer, as he secured a segment on Dynamite to wish one lucky member of the AEW

“Hello friends, Samoa Joe here, your ROH Television Champion and Undisputed TNT Champion, also universally known as the one ‘True King of Television,’ taking a little time out of my busy schedule to wish you all a Happy Holiday,” Joe said. “And in particular, because of the spirit of camaraderie and friendship that comes with the season, Wardlow, I have a special greeting for you.
Samoa Joe AEW
I wish you the happiest and merriest of holidays, may it be filled with friends, family, and people you love and enjoy. Because I think we both know you’re definitely not going to be having a happy new year.
As a matter of fact, Santa may not bring what you want on December 25th, but come December 28th Wardlow, I’m gonna give you more than you ever asked for. And after I’m done giving you exactly what asked for Wardlow, I’m gonna take from you. Wardlow, have a happy, happy holiday season. But come December 28th, all the holiday cheer ends.”

On the one hand, it’s commendable of Joe to wish his former comrade well and even give him an opportunity to rejoice with his friends and family before what may turn out to be a very terrible struggle in the upcoming Dynamite episode.

Samoa Joe is really getting comfortable in AEW.

Unfortunately for Wardlow, Joe enjoys hurting his opponents in the ring, so the new year shouldn’t be too cheerful for the former TNT Champion There was a time when Joe’s time was being pulled in many different directions, and he wasn’t able to fully get into the groove as part of his new promotion.

Despite how much Joe is feeling himself in both AEW and Ring of Honor right now, frequently sidesteps opponents when they’re trying to do a move in order to humiliate his adversaries. Fortunately, Joe has returned to Tony Khan’s dual promotional oeuvre since Twisted Metal’s filming was over and has really come into his own, becoming the kind of performer that vintage fans of ROH and TNA came to appreciate.

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During AEW’s post-Final Battle media session, when asked about settling in, Joe responded that he is “definitely” feeling at home with the organization.

Joe added (via Fightful), “I think another thing that escapes a lot of people’s attention is that I was gone for pretty much the first three months when I originally entered AEW.” “There is time and working cooperatively with others, those things are happening and I was busy, so we could never really get into a groove.

Now that I’ve had a good month here—or a month and a half or two—under my belt, I’m kind of getting back into the swing of things and getting into a nice rhythm, which is a very difficult thing to achieve in this sector when we just have a few events planned. I always wind up being sharper if I can get in there and have a little bit of time. Right now, we are in that situation.

It’s good to see Joe, who is reportedly just 43 according to Cagematch, back in the ring and enjoying himself performing for live crowds all over the world after taking some time off to focus on commentary due to a run of injuries in WWE.

It’s nice to see the all-time indie legend continue to get his due on the back nine of his professional career, especially since he’s working in the ring, rather than being tasked with supporting roles like being on commentary or acting as William Regal’s bodyguard like his final run in NXTbegan. He might not be the biggest, fastest, or strongest dude on the block anymore, and he probably won’t go on another 645-day championship reign again.

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