Fans of professional wrestling, it’s official: William Regal will leave AEW in January to join WWE after joining the organization in March 2022. Moxley told him to “run,” and MJF responded with a coldcock to the back of the head from Diamond Dallas that sent him to the hospital, as Tony Khan mentioned during his media conference before Ring of Honor Final Battle.

Khan honored Regal’s requests and declined the option to pick up another the remainder of his contract, opening the door for him to return to NXT, as he explained in his media call as transcribed by The Wrestling Observer, citing a desire to play out his “golden years” with his son as a coach in WWE, where his son, Charlie Dempsey, currently works.

Khan explained that the man basically wanted us to decline the opportunity to renew the contract at the end of the year because his son works for another wrestling business. Nothing wrong, we were having a great time working together, but this was a chance for him to return and work with his son during the prime of his career.

Khan compared Regal’s predicament to his wish to spend time with his mother, who had recently suffered numerous strokes, and said that because AEW aspires to be a family firm, he will always attempt to make the greatest accommodations for families.

Later that week, Rampage was broadcast live in Jacksonville’s Daily’s Place, and Khan recalled spending more than 90 minutes in his office with Regal as a result. “This was likely our longest in-person conversation to date.

William Regal

We spoke, and I assured him that because this is a family-first business, I would forgo substantial benefits to do what is best for him and his family. We’ve done a lot of things to assist the individual I’m releasing later this month, who was still with us through the holidays and has been a key part of numerous TV stories, in getting the greatest possible position for his family.

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The only remaining uncertainty before to Dynamite was how Khan would plan his Lordship’s exit to maximize his chances of future success since Regal’s run in AEW had a roughly defined end date. For the benefit of both AEW and WWE fans, Khan had Tony Schiavone broadcast a “secret” video package that was shot two weeks earlier.

William Regal Says Goodbye to His AEW Wards.

Before the Ring of Honor Final Battle with Jon Moxley ringside, Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli competed in a tag team match against Jake Hager, his hat, and Daniel Garcia. Schiavone then entered the ring with a microphone to share with the BCC an exclusive interview he had with Regal right after MJF’s victory at Full Gear.

When you’re someone like me and spend your life being as nasty as I have, you anticipate something bad to happen. People won’t see this unless something dreadful occurs to me.

William Regal

Since he seems to have a problem with emails and complaints, I gave him what he wanted: he is now the World Champion. Well, MJF, I took great offense to what he did to you. Do you remember the proverb, “Be careful what you wish for,” Tony? Because everyone in this firm will suddenly be pursuing him.

“I recognized a few months ago that the three Blackpool Combat Club members don’t need me any longer; I’m, as they say, surplus to requirements. However, I was aware that they wouldn’t let me leave, so I had to convince them that they didn’t need me and that they could all educate Wheeler to become the best professional wrestler in the world on their own.

To teach you the last lesson I could give you, always stay one step ahead, and always maintain eyes in the back of your head, you must set an example. Hopefully, Jon Moxley will grasp this because he is a very, very calculating man, and you must do the same. I’ll be a member of Blackpool Combat Club till the day I die, guys.

Moxley was given the opportunity to address the matter and offered a stirring speech that should excite fans for the remaining wrestling that Khan is presenting this week. There was not a dry eye in the entire auditorium.

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All I can say with certainty is that the three men in this ring are consumed with the professional wrestling business, according to Moxley. You can call us whatever you want, but on December 10, at the Ring of Honor Final Battle, these men declare that their conflict with the Jericho Appreciation Society is finished.

I’m going to challenge any wrestler in the world to come right here in this ring and find out exactly where you are in the foot chain on Friday night on Rampage. I make a statement this Friday on Rampage, and they make a statement at Final Battle. A major message will soon be made in professional wrestling.

Welp, Khan stated on his ROH media call that he wanted to schedule more significant matchups for Rampage; Moxley Unleashed unquestionably qualifies.

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