Chris Eubank claims that even after his fight with Conor Benn was called off, he was still taken for a drug test.

After learning that Benn had tested positive for the drug clomifene in August, it was decided to postpone the fight, which was scheduled for Saturday. This decision was made on Thursday afternoon.

Eubank Jr vs Benn has been called off following the latter’s positive test for a banned substance
Eubank revealed he was asked to take a random drug test when the fight was called off, posting pictures of the scene in his hotel room
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Eubank Jr. expressed his dissatisfaction that the fight did not proceed as planned, but he took the opportunity to hit his opponent hard.

And when he was given the chance to submit to a drug test of his own, which Eubank Jr. claimed occurred in his hotel room following the cancellation news, what better time to do so?

Eubank posted on his social media, “Just went back to my hotel room to be met with another random drugs test… which as always I’m pleased to take.”

“10 years and not one #CleanAthlete failed.”

And it seems that Eubank Jr. hasn’t completely given up on fighting on Saturday because he invited American YouTuber Jake Paul to go to London and face him.

When asked about the story, Paul responded on Twitter by writing: “I can’t wait to see all of the texts and emails between Eddie Hearn [Benn’s promoter] and all the people involved in this farce. Finding #EubankJrBenn

It’s seriously unlikely this fight will happen but we’d love to see it

Paul’s tweet was quoted by Eubank Jr., who offered the following suggestion: “How about I get you a flight to the U.K. tomorrow and we scrap at the O2 on Saturday for the fans who are now missing out because Conor Benn fumbled AND buckled under the pressure?

You can enter as strongly as you’d like in support of Eubank Jr. Paul.

However, Eubank Jr. did not stop there. He continued to make fun of Benn by releasing a video of his opponent responding to the news that Jarrell Miller had failed a drugs test, which prevented him from facing Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Benn expressed his surprise at the fighter’s carelessness in the video, and Eubank Jr. posted the remark, “I mean, I really simply don’t have any words at this moment.”

After Eubank’s opponent failed the drug test, the 34-year-old even offered to pay for a fan to get his Benn tattoo erased.

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