NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman is pictured at FirstEnergy Stadium on October 21, 2021, before the Cleveland Browns take on the Denver Broncos. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports, Scott Galvin

Troy Aikman is well aware that it is not simple to announce NFL games. Things can go wrong once you start debating strategies, as they did for Aikman.

For the Dallas Cowboys and Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC Wild Card Playoff game on Monday night, Aikman and Joe Buck handled the call. With just than six minutes remaining in the second quarter, Dallas was up 6-0 and faced a 4th-and-goal situation at the Tampa Bay 1.

Cowboys made Troy Aikman


Aikman announced that he would try a field goal just as the Cowboys were getting ready to go for it.

Aikman remarked, “Boy, I guess I’d take the three.”

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A split second after Aikman made his statement, Dak Prescott executed a flawless play call, faked a handoff, and ran untouched into the end zone.

Aikman looked pretty horrible because of Dallas’ call and how quickly they scored.

Being forced to give your views in front of 20 million or more people is difficult. But when you’re wrong like that, it makes you look much worse.

Mike McCarthy made the proper choice, it was the ideal call, and it nicely complemented Aikman’s comments.