Over seven decades have passed since the NBA was founded. However, the game changed as time went on. Even while some players have risen to the top, the game as a whole hasn’t benefited much from their domination.

As a result, this compelled league authorities to alter the rules in order to maintain the game’s interest. Let’s look at 10 NBA players for this article who compelled the league to alter its rules.

George Mikan

The NBA changed various rules for George Mikan as a result of his egregious dominance. The Mikan rule, for instance, which increased NBA lanes from six to twelve feet in order to force Mikan to move more, was one example.

Along with it, Mikan was in charge of goalie regulations. He was also among the leaders that helped establish the 24-second shot clock rule.

Charles Barkley

Despite his small size, Barkley was a threat in the shade. Barkley frequently backed down bigger opponents for a long period of time before trying a shot to compensate for his lack of size. The league responded by enforcing the five-second rule, sometimes known as the Booty rule, to hasten the game’s pace.

NBA Players Compelled the League to Alter Its Rules.

This regulation also applied to Mark Jackson in addition to Barkley.

Paul George

If anyone recalls, Paul George was involved in a bizarre accident during a Team USA practice leading up to the 2014 FIBA World Cup. Thankfully, PG has made a full recovery from the fractured leg and put together a compelling return narrative.

The NBA stage has extra space for both sides of the basketball stanchion in order to avoid this from happening.

Trent Tucker

Although buzzer beaters are frequently applauded, this one caused criticism. With only 0.1 seconds remaining, Tucker made the game-winning jumper at the buzzer. Phil Jackson, the coach of the Bulls, was incensed because the shot shouldn’t have counted with the time allowed.

The Trent Tucker Rule was created as a result of the occurrence. Teams were only permitted to make a shot via alley-oop or tip-in if there was less than 0.3 seconds left on the clock.

Rajon Rondo

Although it doesn’t significantly impact NBA play, Rajon Rondo is clearly the designer of this look. When Rondo was at the top of his game as an all-around guard, he made headlines by donning an NBA headband.

Rondo finally stopped this tendency after the NBA forbade this style of dress.

Zaza Pachulia

Bruce Bowen, a fan favorite of the San Antonio Spurs, was the first to bring dangerous shooting competitions to the NBA’s attention. However, it was former Warriors big man Zaza Pachulia who forced the league to severely enforce this with a more firm rule modification. While attempting a jump shot, Pachulia got snagged in Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs’ landing area. This resulted in Leonard’s injury, which had a significant impact on the Spurs’ 4-0 series loss to the Warriors.

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Following the event, the league adopted the ZaZa rule, which now enables referees to cite careless defenders for flagrants and technical fouls. This lessens the risk of harm to the shooter.

In addition, Pachulia had a significant impact on the NBA’s decision to change the way All-Star voting is conducted. Pachulia would have started the All-Star festivities under the former structure despite sitting on the bench during the regular season due to his popularity in Georgia.

Shaquille O Neal

One of the best centres to ever play in the NBA was Shaq. Nobody on the other team could compete with the four-time NBA champion. Due to Shaq’s sway in the shaded area, the league permitted teams to use a zone defence to counteract it.

NBA Players Compelled the League to Alter Its Rules.

Shaq’s supremacy compelled the NBA to amend the rules, but his frailty also made it necessary. Shaq hated attempting free throws and only converted 52.7% of his attempts. As a result, rival teams created the Hack-a-Shaq strategy to counteract his hegemony. In response, the league changed the rules such that the team that was fouled would receive a free throw and possession of the ball.

James Harden

James Harden has made waves in the league by scoring goals. The thing that draws everyone’s attention is his ability to draw fouls, despite the fact that his eurosteps and stepbacks have raised some concerns. Harden was making over 10 free throw attempts a game prior to the rule change.

The James Harden rule was put into effect by the NBA to limit Harden’s free throw trips. This stops players from purposefully using non-basketball movements to draw fouls.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller excels at shooting. Given his competitive mentality, he would use any means possible to succeed. The NBA implemented the Reggie Miller Rule, which was a tribute to the former Pacers great even though he was already content in his retirement.

Jump shooters are not allowed to extend any of their legs to draw contact, according to the rule. This gives officials the option of calling an offensive foul on the shooter for making contact. Miller was fortunate in that he had already finished creating his legacy.

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NBA Players Compelled the League to Alter Its Rules.

Wilt Chamberlain

The NBA had to adopt early rule modifications as a result of Wilt Chamberlain’s full dominance of the league. The fact that Chamberlain is still the only NBA player to ever reach 100 points speaks for itself. The league had to rein in Chamberlain’s domination due to his immense stature and skill, which helped to level the playing field and reduce the size and skill gap between him and his rivals.

As a result of Chamberlain’s pressure, the league adopted regulations that forbade offensive goaltending and inbounding over the backboard. He also changed the rules governing free throws and made the league lengthen its lanes.

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