It’s difficult to argue that anyone on the WWE Universe had a better year than Sami Zayn as 2022 draws to a close. He worked a headline match at WrestleMania 38 with Johnny Knoxville that received press attention outside of the professional wrestling industry, joined the top faction in all of wrestling, The Bloodline, and surprisingly got it over in a big way, and even helped Santa Claus save Christmas for all of the good little Jabroni’s and marks around the “universe.”

As a result, Paul “Triple H” Levesque and company decided to give Corey Graves and Jackie Redmond a clip show to discuss the biggest moments of the year, with a few star-studded guests booked to pad out the show for good effort. WWE chose to work a non-televised show in New York City at MSG instead of running RAW- either live or pre-tapped – for the fans at home.

One of those guests was Zayn, who in typical “extra” style recorded a brief vignette to discuss the “most extraordinary year of his life” and possibly in WWE history as well.

Oh, I missed your entrance, I’m sorry. Welcome to my locker room. I’m Sami Zayn,” he stated. “You know, 2022 has definitely been the most notable year—not just in my life, but in WWE history as well.

Why? Because of The Bloodline, the most powerful faction of all time, of which I am naturally a proud member. We’ve never seen anything like The Bloodline’s dominance of the WWE, and of course, no discussion of power is complete without mentioning our “Tribal Chief,” Roman Reigns. It’s time to recognize him, ladies and gentlemen if you haven’t already.

Sami Zayn

“You need to pause for a second to reflect on Solo Sikoa’s outstanding debut as “The Enforcer” of The Bloodline. The Usos and their incredible journey to become the longest-reigning WWE Tg Team Champions of all time must be discussed while discussing supremacy. Oh those Usos, this thing (a Bloodline Dictionary) was a gift, and my goodness is it fantastic – I kind of needed it since they often use words that I don’t understand when they converse.

“This particular night during Survivor Series at WarGames, where I truly accepted The Bloodline and I became a full-fledged UCE, was the absolute pinnacle of 2022 for me. It was directly accountable for ensuring The Bloodline’s victory.

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If that wasn’t one of the best evenings of your life, doggone it, what else could it be? The Bloodline’s level of power that you witnessed in 2022? That was merely a preview of things to come. By 2023, there will be no mistake that we are the ones and everyone else is just a pair of twos. Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you as well, Sami. May your 2023 be just as successful as your 2022, and should Reigns and the rest of the team turn on you, may you at least receive a title belt as compensation.

Sami Zayn can’t do anything but 100 in the WWE Universe.

Just before Christmas, Zayn explained to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso how he is forced to give everything he has to the WWE Universe. Zayn declares, “I’m fully committed to what I’m doing. The best response I can provide is, “That.”

I can only provide 100%; I can’t give 90%. The same attention to detail that has previously gotten me into trouble has also brought me this far. I was able to stand on each and every rung of the career achievement ladder that I climbed. I did that frequently enough to consider, “Why not me?” So, we’ll wait and see what happens.

You have to give Zayn credit because, whether you like him or not, he really doesn’t do anything halfway. From portraying a speechless luchador in independent films to filming a documentary that actually exposed the conspiracies against him in the WWE.

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(okay, so Kayfabe), to his current position as a red-haired Canadian of Syrian descent who works in the same “family faction” as four legacy Samoans and the greatest manager of this generation, Zayn has found One thing is certain: the “Underdog From The Underground” has kept things exciting for fans all across the world, regardless of what the future may hold for Zayn and The Bloodline in 2023, with a significant shakeup anticipated before SummerSlam.

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