It’s true, folks: Jonah, alias Bronson Reed from NXT, has officially left the realms of independent wrestling, Impact Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling behind – at least for the time being – to return to the larger WWE Universe.

It has been appreciated that he has worked so hard to establish himself as a big man akin to Darth Vader with an absolutely lethal finishing move, the Tsunami, as well as that he has chosen not to criticize the WWE in general or Paul “Triple H” Levesque in particular after his firing. Now, he will be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

Prior to making his main roster debut, Reed appeared to have everything going for him. The Miz and Dexter Lumis were engaged in a grudge ladder match on RAW that saw some minor audience muting for chants of “holy sh*t,” and just as Johnny Gargano’s Kayfabe son-in-law appeared to be securing the bags – literally – to earn six to eight months of Corey Graves’ salary, in his words, Reed unexpectedly returned in front

Okay, so partnering Reed with The Miz doesn’t exactly add Solo Sikora to The Bloodline, but Tommaso Ciampa was already a star when he worked with “The A-Lister,” and he probably would be even more famous now if he hadn’t been sidelined with an injury.

Bronson Reed

Would Reed be met with the same reception as other returning celebrities like Mia Yim or the next Damage CTRL members? Unfortunately, the answer is categorically no, as Reed eliminated Lumis in the ring and no one in the audience appeared to recognize him.

Get my meaning? That’s less applause than Otis would have received for simply being a bigger man from the Midwest.

Will Reed’s situation improve? Or will he end up being a little-used performer after being the center of Impact and the leader of NJPW? As they say, only time will tell.

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Bronson Reed always welcomed a return to working with Triple H in WWE.

Even though Reed made his formal debut on RAW on the year’s final live episode, he had planned to do so much earlier. In fact, as the guy himself said shortly after his dismissal on Sami Callihan‘s podcast, Reed was hoping for the main roster call-up when he was ultimately dismissed.

Reed h/t Fightful remarked, “Yeah, it’s insane to me. “Afterward, some of the greatest figures in the industry contacted me and expressed confusion. I was actually waiting for a call to be transferred to RAW or SmackDown when I got the release order, so it just seemed to come out of the left field.

However, as you noted, I felt as though a burden had been removed. For want of a better phrase, I feel a little bit like the chains is removed. I’m really fortunate to have organizations like IMPACT Wrestling that have helped me pursue my interests.

Why then was Reed dismissed when he seemed to have all the makings of a main-roster player? When “The Game” was on the outpower after losing the Wednesday Night Wars to AEW, Reed attributed it to being a “Triple H man” in an interview with Steven Fall of NBS Sports Boston from back in August.

According to Reed (via Wrestling Inc.), “That could be a reason why, which kind of stinks because Hunter has such a wonderful mind for wrestling and he’s done so much for that company, for WWE.” When “NXT” was the black and gold brand, he was extremely helpful to all the boys in helping them realize their potential. I have nothing but positive things to say about Hunter or my time at NXT because he was so involved with the talent.

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However, it appeared that change was the cause of many of us being let go, Jonah stated. “You see a lot of the guys that Hunter did believe in, like myself or Keith Lee or Carrion Kross, these guys that he built become champions, all of a sudden get released.”

For Reed’s benefit, Levesque regained control and effectively usurped the book from his father-in-law for good. As a result, many of “his boys” from NXT are also returning. The contracts have been signed, and the money has been agreed upon, but now comes the real battle because nobody can hold the top spot, particularly with so many extra mouths to feed.


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