Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is probably going to have something to say about James Gunn and Peter Safran’s idea to improve the cinematic universe given all that’s going on in DC. The former WWE star has now spoken out on the fate of Black Adam in Gunn’s DC universe following Henry Cavill’s unexpected Superman exit and a piece from The Hollywood Reporter about the potential shakeup.

The Rock stated that Black Adam won’t be included in James Gunn’s first chapter of storytelling for DC in a statement shared on social media. Fans may find this to be a letdown, but he went on to say that The Rock’s production company, Seven Bucks, will keep working with Gunn and DC Studios to figure out how the anti-hero will be employed in the future.

The Rock Discusses Black Adam's Role in James Gunn's Dc Universe for The First Time.

The Rock continues by saying that he has known Gunn for a long time and has always wanted him to succeed. The statement made by the Black Adam actor that he will support Marvel as well as DC is what really makes this statement shocking.

He continues his message by noting that The Rock would always be proud of what was accomplished with the character of Black Adam after 15 years of nonstop effort made it possible. In order to give his fans the greatest possible service, the actor promises at the end of the message that he will always listen to them.

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James Gunn responded to The Rock’s message by posting a succinct rejoinder. The former Marvel filmmaker expressed excitement for what he and Seven Bucks will do next in it. Gunn continues by saying he is forward to working with you shortly.

The Rock Discusses Black Adam's Role in James Gunn's Dc Universe for The First Time.

The Rock seems to be going the polite route with his statements when Black Adam’s time in the DC universe is unexpectedly cut short. It is unknown if The Rock will continue working for DC at a later date or if he will make good on his promise to promote the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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