NFL executives name 49ers

Injury ravaged the San Francisco 49ers earlier in the season, seriously harming their chances of returning to the NFC Championship. However, when they improved in health, the 49ers brass took the audacious decision to bolster the backfield with All-Pro running back Christian McCaffrey.

Despite being behind the fledgling Seattle Seahawks, the move propelled San Francisco into the lead for the NFC West. However, the majority of the populace believed that the Philadelphia Eagles were still the best team in the NFC. The majority of AFC executives, though, disagree, claims ESPN staff writer Jeremy Fowler.

The 49ers, not the Eagles, were thought to be the favorites to win the NFC and advance to the Super Bowl, according to an unnamed survey of NFL executives.

One AFC executive admitted how crucial home-field advantage was for the Eagles. The 49ers nevertheless received the most votes. An NFL personnel director praised the 49ers for their “battle-tested and dynamic playmaking on both sides of the ball.”

NFL executives name 49ers

With home-field advantage and the ensuing first-round bye, Philadelphia has the upper hand. They are 8-0 and have a two-game advantage over the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers, meanwhile, are 4-4 and 1.5 games back of the Seahawks in the west.

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However, it’s still unclear just how good the Seahawks really are. But the 49ers proved last season that they are capable of winning away from home in the postseason. They competed in Dallas and Green Bay and won both times. In the final minutes of the fourth quarter in Los Angeles, they were ahead of the eventual Super Bowl champions before losing.

The 49ers should be a strong contender if their defense can stay healthy. However, one has to question whether the Eagles are receiving the recognition they merit.


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