Wide receiver Jerry Jeudy (10) of the Denver Broncos during training camp at the UCHealth Training Center on August 21, 2020, in Englewood, Colorado, the United States. Mandatory Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Isaiah J. Downing One of Russell Wilson’s teammates have had enough of the criticism he has received during his first season with the Denver Broncos.

During the episode of “Undisputed” that aired on FS1 on Tuesday, Shannon Sharpe ripped at Wilson. Wilson is not well-liked in the locker room, according to the Hall of Fame tight end and former Bronco, who also made that assertion.

Jerry Jeudy

Wilson has his own office and parking space, according to Sharpe, who proposed the Broncos take them away since Wilson’s colleagues are “seething” about the quarterback’s preferential treatment.

Below is a link to Sharpe’s tirade:

Jerry Jeudy, a wide receiver with the Broncos, defended Wilson on Twitter on Thursday. Wilson’s “incomparable” work ethic was commended by Jeudy, who also complained that he was sick of hearing “false comments” from people like Sharpe. Wilson has his own office, Jeudy seemed to agree, but he said it is not a problem.

“As a colleague who recognizes the great work ethic this man possesses, I ain’t going to keep looking at these false remarks about my boii tiful dude. Because he dedicated his life to this game, he was given an office. Russ is the teammate who inspires me the most, Jeudy wrote.

Then, Jeudy sent out a couple more tweets endorsing Wilson.

It’s Sharpe’s responsibility to make headlines and offer hot comments. Because he spent the majority of his career playing with the team and won three Super Bowls in Denver, some people however give greater credence to what he says about the Broncos.

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It’s plausible that Wilson has occasionally irritated Broncos teammates this season. All season long, there have been whispers that Wilson doesn’t get along well with all of his teammates. Winning, as Jeudy put it, fixes everything. In Wilson’s first year with the team, the Broncos haven’t really done much of that.


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